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The Champions League is the most important football tournament at club level. The best teams from European countries participate, such as The real Madrid, Liverpool, Juventus and many more. If you are interested in making a bet on the future, here we are going to leave you our predictions for these eighth duels and what may happen in the future.

Champions League round of 16

We are going to detail each match of the round of 16, including those that have already been played this week; the forecasts would be these:

  • The duel between RB Leipzig vs Liverpool: In the first leg, the clear winner was Liverpool, with an advantage of two goals to zero. This panorama makes it very difficult for Leipzig to be a surprise; so the great candidate to pass is the Liverpool.
  • The duel between PSG vs Barcelona: The truth is that much more was expected from Barcelona, ​​who lost at home against PSG with a difference of three goals, leaving the game 1 to 4 in favor of the Paris team. It is almost impossible for Barca to turn this result around, so the favorite to pass is
  • The duel between Sevilla vs B. Dortmund: The Spanish team came with better results than the German team. But the surprise was that he lost with a great role of the young star of Dortmund, Haaland, who helped his team turn the scoreboard and win two to one. The Sevilla, since the return will be at the home of the Germans and that is where Sevilla can take advantage and surprise.
  • The duel between Porto vs Juventus: Cristiano Ronaldo’s team was not very lucky and lost 2 to 1, against a Porto that was superior throughout the game. But even with all this, the favorite is still the Juventus where in the second leg he can sentence the elimination.
  • The duel between Atlético Madrid against Chelsea: This duel is undoubtedly going to be one of the most exciting. The best stand for this duel is the Athletic, for the good time that is happening. Although Chelsea is never going to give up.
  • The duel between Lazio vs Bayern Munich: This is perhaps one of the clearest qualifiers, as the Italian team has no chance against Bayern. Beyond the fact that he is the last current champion, the football difference is very big.
  • The duel between Atalanta vs Real Madrid: It will be very difficult for the Italian team to beat the only 3-time winner of this competition. For this reason our favorite without any doubt is Real Madrid, which in this competition changes the chip and destroys all its rivals.
  • The duel between B. Mönchengladbach vs Manchester City: Manchester City is still looking to win this competition; and in this tie it is not at all difficult to win. The German team started well, but then they let the first place be taken away, giving it to the English team. Without a doubt, our favorite is the Manchester City, for the great moment that is happening and for the great difference between players from both clubs.
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These have been ours Champions League predictions for these round of 16; highlighting some surprises such as what happened in Barcelona and Seville. The other heats can go to the side that has been said, but in football everything is possible; And if we have seen something, it is that teams like Real Madrid can go in the round of 16 and teams like Ajax can reach the semifinals.

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