▷ Italian artist draws 6,119-square-foot artwork

Going outside to draw could have increased given the interest in going out to get fresh air.

Paula Wiseman / Pixabay

A Italian cartoonist broke a Guinness World Record when it passed five days creating a He drew covering a space of 6,118.96 square feet.

The artist of Altomonte, called FROM!, also know as Francesco Caporale, took on the challenge of creating the world’s largest drawing of an individual in the central plaza of Altomonte.

The artist’s strokes were inspired by the drawings submitted to the online platform DoodleDream.it, from Xiaomi Italia. The creation of Caporale was sponsored by Xiaomi Italia.

The drawing included representations of imaginary objects, textures and characters that were uploaded to the platform to share art.

The work will be donated to the city of Altomonte, which said that a part of the canvas will be sold for raise funds for community programs.

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