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Recently our colleague Jean León mentioned to them that the Samsung Galaxy S21 would advance its launch a few weeks to compete with the iPhone 12.

Now we hear rumors that Xiaomi will present its Xiaomi Mi 11 before Samsung but exclusively (for now) in China.

The processor chosen for this terminal will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875.

This is what we know about the Xiaomi Mi 11

The little that is known about this terminal speaks of an improved and updated version of the Mi 10 Ultra.

Indeed, its design would be similar, but there is no information yet on this aspect of the terminal.

It is only known that it will equip the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor and that it will be launched in China for the month of January.

A device that will be available in limited units

Mention is also made that the Xiaomi Mi 11 in the first instance will be available in China with limited units.

This news makes us think that the Mi 11 could have two different versions, one global and one Asian.

The truth is that the Snapdragon 875 processor will be presented in December and it seems to us that due to the competition Xiaomi wants to accelerate its star launch.

An exclusivity that indicates something very interesting

The news seems to corroborate something very interesting, all brands want to launch terminals with the new Qualcomm chip as soon as possible.

If it were for raw power, users would surely they won’t find a big difference between an SD 865, an 865+ or an 875, but it will be interesting to see what news this offers chip.

Obviously we are talking about a chip that in theory improves the operation and the experience of using 5G, gaming and raw performance, in addition to battery life.

Finally, the most important thing about this launch is to see if we will finally see equipment exceeding last year’s prices or if they present an average cost without much increase.

Of course we doubt that the chip latest from a manufacturer and above one that is top of the line is cheaper than usual, but we do not lose hope.


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