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The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 global begins to receive MIUI 12

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In August, the update to MIUI 12 a for phones Xiaomi Mi Max 3, Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro y Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition It was launched by the company in its home country of China. Now, after a long wait of two months and to the delight of its users, the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 has finally started receiving the same update to MIUI 12 but in global markets.

MIUI 12 is the version of the Android customization layer that marks the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi’s existence. The most recent version of its operating system on Android comes with news and improvements such as new animations, dark mode 2.0, animated screen always active (AOD +), super wallpapers and more. The company introduced it in late April and has been rolling it out to all eligible devices around the world since then for quite a few months.

MIUI 12 begins to reach the global Xiaomi Mi Max 3

The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is the most recent (and the last) phone launched within the Mi Max series. It was presented in 2018 with MIUI 9 based on the operating system Android Oreo of fabric. Later, it received its corresponding update to MIUI 10 y MIUI 11, in addition to having received updates from Android 9 and Android 10 for the kernel operating system.

Now, the Chinese company has started to send via OTA MIUI 12 on this phone as the last major update you will receive. As mentioned at the beginning, the Chinese variant received its corresponding update in August. Now the software is shipping to the Global and Russian versions of the mobile device.

Initial batch release

The builds for these variants of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 are being shipped start under batch method. This means that they are only available to a limited set of users from the start. The build numbers for the global and Russian version of the phones are V12.0.1.0.QEDMIXM and V12.0.1.0.QEDRUXM, respectively.

During this first batch of update, the lucky users who receive it will be able to test the software and verify that it is completely stable and has no notable errors. Once the above is confirmed, it is expected that the company will issue this same update very soon to all units worldwide. In case any error is found and reported by users who receive this first release, Xiaomi will start working on a solution to send the next corrected version to all phones.

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