10 movie facts to bluff with the next movie night

10 movie facts to bluff with the next movie night

There isn’t so much going on in the cinemas right now. Fortunately, you can easily switch to streaming services. And so that you can show off something at the next movie night, here are ten interesting movie facts.

“Titanic”: film role was a few kilometers long

When “Titanic” was released in 1997, films were still projected onto the screen from rolls of film. With a running time of 3 hours and 15 minutes at that time, “Titanic” required almost 18 complete rolls of film. If you had put the film strips together, they would have been almost 5395 meters long.

«Pretty Woman»: A happy ending was not planned at first

Bild: Touchstone Pictures

«Pretty Woman» is probably one of the model love comedies par excellence. Or at least the 90s. Originally, the story was much darker. The original script was simply called “3000” and differed mainly in the end. So it was intended that the well-heeled Edward would not fall in love with the prostitute Vivian and that she would end up on the street again and have to keep buying. It goes without saying that the studio didn’t like this ending and had the script rewritten.

«Tremors»: The film should originally have had a completely different name

Who doesn’t know the 90s cult film “Tremors”? In German it became rocket worms, which sounds funny, but at least after the first sequel it was reasonably appropriate. Originally, the film would also have been in the original pretty stupid should be called differently. The pre-production of the film began under the title “Land Sharks”. The producers then noticed that the program “Saturday Night Live” already had a recurring sketch with this title to parody “The great white shark”. And so the original film title finally became «Tremors».

“The Matrix”: Code comes from a cookbook

What would “The Matrix” be without the iconic animation of the green characters? The “falling” symbols have been part of popular culture since the film was released. The characters are not, however, cryptic lines of code, but simply Japanese characters. And best of all, they’re from a sushi cookbook. Simon Whiteley, who created this code, did betray. He simply scanned the Japanese characters from his wife’s sushi cookbook and made the animation from them.

«Rogue One»: Nostalgic scenes were pure coincidence

Original recordings from the 1977 film “Star Wars” can be seen in the “Star Wars” film “Rogue One”. These are the scenes that show the pilots Gold Leader and Red Leader. These scenes were not originally planned. Director Gareth Edwards found the roles with the material never used by randomwhen he’d scoured Lucasfilm’s storerooms. When he realized what he had discovered, he decided to incorporate the clips into “Rogue One”.

“Bird Box”: Sandra Bullock got some bumps

For the Netflix hit “Bird Box” leading actress Sandra Bullock got a few bumps. She said she was blindfolded for about 50 percent of the film. In fact, she didn’t see anything, so it wasn’t cheated. As a result slammed her several times against the camera.

“Seven”: Brad Pitt was not the first choice

Sure, “seven” without Brad Pitt is unimaginable today. In fact, director David Fincher had someone else in mind for the role of detective: Denzel Washington. But he turned down the role because the film seemed too gloomy to him. Opposite the «Entertainment Weekly» said Washington in 2010:

“They offered me the role of Brad Pitt, but I thought, ‘It’s so dark and nasty.” When I saw the film, I thought,’ Oh, shit. “”

Denzel Washington. Bild: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Invision

Washington said he just didn’t believe anyone would watch the movie. Instead he turned “Devil in Blue”, a film that hardly anyone knows today.

«Green Book»: When the family memory is wrong

“Green Book” is based on real events. This is what Don Shirley’s family complained about after the film was released in 2018. Apparently, Don and Tony were never friends, but had a purely business relationship. But at the beginning of 2019 one appeared Recording an interviewin which Don Shirley said, among other things:

«I trusted him unconditionally. You see … not only was he [Tony] my driver, we never had an employer-employee relationship either. You don’t have time for this nonsense. My life was in the hands of this man … So you have to be friendly with one another. “

«The Martian»: Chance makes the best scenes

In “The Martian”, Rich Purnell’s calculations help make the rescue mission a success. The character is played by Donald Glover. Glover is also responsible for one of the funnier scenes in the film. In this he wants to get some coffee, slips, falls and stands up straight as if stung by a wasp.

As Glover later revealed, it was not planned that way. Much more he actually slipped, got up again and just kept playing. Director Ridley Scott loved this random scene so much that he included it in the film.

“Lady Bird”: There was material for six hours

“Lady Bird” thrilled viewers and critics in 2017 and won various important prizes. The film lasts a clear 95 minutes. As director and screenwriter Greta Gerwig revealed, she had to drastically shorten the original script. The first draft was 350 pages long. If you use the rule of thumb that one page of the script corresponds to one minute of film, the film would have been almost six hours long.

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