10 PlayStation 5 issues that gamblers upset

The PS5 is now available worldwide, although delivery bottlenecks and pre-order cancellations have resulted in many PlayStation players NOT getting a console. Although the Sony PlayStation 5 comes with impressive hardware that will do justice to the next generation of consoles some problems. In this article we will cover some of them Player problems describe in the hope that they will be available for the coming weeks and months PS5 be resolved.

No storage backup without the cloud

One story that pisses off gamers is the fact that there are only limited amounts of data that you can back up. At the moment you can only do this with the PlayStation 5 via the cloud storage, which in turn is only possible if you are a PS PLUS subscriber. We are talking about a subscription that costs “only” 60 euros a year, but unlike the PS4, there is no way of backing up stored data on an external USB drive. Kind of awesome, don’t you think?

PS5: Not enough storage space

We already gave you a detailed report on the hard drive size of the PlayStation 5 before the release of the Sony console. Even if the average audience is loud Jim Ryan will get along, for “hardcore players” it will be pretty tight. Only the internal memory of the 299 euro Xbox Series S console is smaller than that of both versions of the PS5. The small next-gen console from Microsoft offers 364 GB of storage space, but saves the games smaller because it does not offer 4K textures.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - (C) Activision

PlayStation gamers love Call of Duty. And Call of Duty loves the storage space on PS5 consoles. Almost a third can be occupied by the game when all components are installed. – (C) Activision

The usable internal PS5 storage space is also very limited to 664 GB – especially if you like games Call of Duty gamble. Things get even more complicated as there are currently no external SSD extensions for the PlayStation 5. Sure, more SSD storage would have increased the price of the PS5, which in retrospect – at least months after the release – shouldn’t matter. Later more.

No 1440p support from PlayStation 5

If you do not play on the large living room TV, but on the PC monitor, it is quite frustrating as a gamer because the PS5 does not offer 1440p support. At the start, the PS5 only supports 1080p and 4K. There is no middle ground support for 1440p.

Sony would like to bring this feature in retrospect if the demand is there. I think that will come.

Xbox gamers love it. PS4 players loved it too. Only the PS5 does not support 1440p resolution and thus no PC monitors. – Image source: Pixabay

Xbox Series X / S is better at older games

Sure, Microsoft attaches more importance to it, but Sony could also be better here with the PlayStation 5. Improvements to Xbox One games are simply submitted as a patch for the Xbox Series X. With the PS5 you have to download a new game. In addition, many games have already been improved on the new Xbox console, while the PS5 is still lagging behind. Underneath Rocket League, Call of Duty: Warzone oder Star Wars: Squadrons.

How do I know the PS5 version?

This function is also very poor: many players do not even know that they are playing the PS4 version on the PlayStation 5. With Xbox Series X / S, Smart Delivery is an excellent system-level feature that only requires you to start the game to automatically start the next-gen version. This is not the case with the PlayStation 5! The lack of a similar system-wide feature creates some confusion among gamers. In fact, just recently there have been reports of various players accidentally playing the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The PS5 version has to be selected manually (!). What for? Why should I play the inferior version by default when I have spent 399 or 499 euros on a new console, which corresponds to the standard prices of the PS5 versions?

Big console? A mighty big console!

Okay, my “biggest” console so far – the one I’ve ever owned – was a Mega Drive with a Mega CD and a Mega Drive 32X attachment. The thing was huge.

Only one console was bigger than the Sony PlayStation 5. The Mega Drive including the add-ons Sega CD and Mega Drive 32X. – (C) SEGA

The PlayStation 5 is of course not that bulky, but compared to my last video game consoles it is a big white thing that looks like my standing fan (my secret PS5 Pro). By now, almost every player who could get hold of a PS5 has uploaded a picture somewhere. And you notice one thing with many: the PS5 does not fit into the living room walls or has to be placed somewhere on the side because it is so big. To be honest, I don’t care about the aesthetics of a video game console, but where I put it and how much space it doesn’t take up. Not everyone can afford custom-made furniture, maybe it would have been better to have looked at a few shelves at IKEA.

Sleep mode causes the PS5 to “reset”

The problem, while not common to all consoles, is serious enough – for those it affects. Imagine putting your PS5 into sleep mode and causing a serious problem. Essentially, your console’s entire database will crash and basically only Sony can help you. There is currently no specific reason why this is happening, but to be honest: this must not happen! Let’s see if a firmware update quickly gets that out of the way. PS5 players would be calmer if this problem was resolved.

PSVR and PlayStation 5 (PS5) - (C) SonyPSVR and PlayStation 5 (PS5) - (C) Sony

The PSVR headset also works on the PS5 with an adapter. You can have this sent to you by Sony for free! – (C) Sony, photo montage: DailyGame


The PS5 supports PSVR which is a great thing as PSVR has a lot of potential and we hope Sony continues to invest in this regard. Similar to backward compatibility, VR support for PS5 appears to be limited. Basically, a native PS5 game does not support VR, and PSVR can only be played on the PS5 through backward compatibility. So if you No Man’s Sky or Hitman 3 want to play in VR you will be paying for the PS4 versions of the game which is a real shame. We hope Sony will save native PS5 support for a new generation PSVR headset, but we’re not sure about that yet. There are only rumors about the PSVR 2 at the moment, but no confirmations.

DualSense Inputlag

The DualSense had improved input values ​​in all tests and was also described as exactly that by all independent testers. A controller with a great response time. But some players report that this is not the case and speak of the PS5 controller input lag. We were able to get to the bottom of the cause and offer a solution.

Absurd pricing after the release

Okay, Sony can (almost) nothing for that. You can’t limit online retailers like many PS5 consoles sell them to the same person on release date. But what’s going on here is currently more than bold. Not only that people earn a decent amount of money with it, no, the sums that are paid (sometimes over 2000 euros) are still their incentive that this will happen again with the PlayStation 6 – if one comes. Supply and demand determine the price, all clear – also with the PS5. But right now it’s getting extremely out of hand. Until the end of March 2021 you can say: die PlayStation 5 is sold out. The situation will probably not really relax until 2022.

There are of course other problems, but they are less common. For example, a sticker inside the Sony PlayStation 5 creates an unpleasant fan noise. If you have any other problems with the PS5, write to us in the comments!

This article is a personal opinion of the editor and does not represent the general opinion of the editor!

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