10 series to watch with your children on Disney +

Between the cold snap and the restrictions, we find ourselves again as in confinement: with some extra time to watch series as a family. As we know the offer can be overwhelming and confusing, here are some safe bets, in this case available on Disney +.

1. ‘The Mandalorian’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve heard of the show that restored faith in the Force. If there is Disney + in your house, it must be partly because of it. But even if it has already been seen, it does not hurt to review the adventures of the title’s bounty hunter and that adorable creature that we mistakenly agreed to call Baby Yoda. It’s what the ‘Star wars’ saga should never have stopped being: fun.

2. ‘Diary of a future president ‘

For a long time, Disney + has been talked about as “the platform for ‘The Mandalorian'”, but in its catalog of exclusive titles we find other series that deserve a chance. For example, this adorable sitcom about the school days of Elena Cañero-Reed (Tess Romero), future Cuban-American president of the United States. Gina Rodriguez (star of ‘Jane The Virgin’) plays the heroine when she grew up, in addition to directing the first episode and producing.

3. ‘High school musical: the musical – the series’

As the ‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot has recently shown, not all resurrections of a franchise are to be boring exploits of nostalgia. This is clever from the title, which explains more or less what the thing is about: this is a comedy in the form of a mockumentary about a high school that puts on the musical based on the original 2006 TV movie. The ‘skater’ Ricky (Joshua Bassett) shows up for tryouts just to be closer to his ex-girlfriend Nini (Olivia Rodrigo, keep her name). Songs, laughter and drama (the righteous) follow.

4. ‘Ducklings’

In this case, we are not referring to the recent revival, but to the original from 1989, one of the best animated series ever. The adventures of Uncle Scrooge and his three nephews are a legacy that must be passed on to generations to come. After Donald Duck enlisted in the Navy (he’s serious), Gilito was left in charge of Jaimito, Jorgito and Juanito (all the same except for the color of the cap), who accompanied him to the most exotic places in search of incalculable treasures .

5. ‘The Imagineering story’

What’s behind the incredible attractions of the twelve Disney theme parks? A mixture of imagination and engineering: for a reason, the division that built them is called Imagineering. In this documentary series we learn about the construction of all these dream places, from the seminal Disneyland to that new area of ​​it, Galaxy’s Edge, dedicated to ‘Star wars’. Directs Leslie Iwerks, nominated for an Oscar in 2007 for her short documentary ‘Recycled life’, about the daily life in the garbage dump of zone 3 of Guatemala.

6. ‘Gravity Falls’

This animated Alex Hirsch creation didn’t last long, just four years, from 2012 to 2016, but as it did so it got into the dreams of children and not so children. All thanks to a mythology as dense as those of, say, ‘The X-Files’ or ‘Lost’. Twin brothers Dipper and Mabel Pines were going to spend the summer with their great-uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where they discovered a most unexpected bestiary.

7. ‘Phineas y Ferb’

It all started with a triangular boy drawn on a paper tablecloth in a restaurant. His name: Phineas. Then came his stepbrother (and best friend) Ferb, with the head of a rectangle. And Candace, the sister who watches over the Wonder Duo’s experiments, their roller coasters, robotic versions of themselves, or re-enactments of the Trojan War. Candace recently had the opportunity to shine in ‘Phineas & Ferb, the movie: Candace vs. the universe’, in which she changes from being a simple spoiler to become a proactive heroine.

8. ‘More Muppets than ever’

Nothing like the original Muppet shows and movies (better known here as the Muppets), but this update on their adventures has moments of not inconsiderable delirium. Basically, the series is a walk through an imaginary YouTube. Gustavo, Miss Peggy, Gonzo and some new characters present common types of content ‘online’, although there is also space for a contest or almost traditional interviews (to people like RuPaul, Seth Rogen and Aubrey Plaza). Updated (plush) idols.

9. ‘Pixar from within’

Once Pixar shorts and movies have been viewed a thousand times, why not know how they were made? ‘Pixar from within’ is, like the series about the filming of ‘The mandalorian’, basically a collection of DVD extras, but some DVD extras are wonderful, like the episodes of this series, come on. In the first episode, the playwright and screenwriter Kemp Powers explains how he arrived at a key scene in ‘Soul’, the film with which Pixar made us happy and emotionally crumbled this Christmas.

10. ‘The Simpsons’

It may interest you

Yes, that’s right, ‘The Simpsons’. Especially since it’s been a while since classic episodes have been seen in their original 4: 3 aspect ratio (go to ‘details’ in the series and uncheck ‘remastered aspect ratio’). On the other hand, some recent episodes are well worth a viewing, especially the eighth of Halloween (‘Treehouse of Horror XXX’) or the crossover with Marvel Studios (‘Bad Bart’). Trusted family, at least when it comes to entertainment.


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