10 Star Wars Characters Who Tried To Help Anakin (And Failed)

Anakin Skywalker is probably one of the most complicated and well-developed characters in Star Wars. The character has appeared in more media of the War of the Galaxies than anyone else, his fight against the dark side being a huge part of the Saga. Anakin’s stage as a Jedi was not easy, and while he was one of the Republic’s greatest heroes, he was also a disaster on the inside.

Anakin made many friends during his time as a Jedi, many of whom tried to help him stay on track. In the end, they all failed, as Palpatine convinced Anakin that the way of the Sith could help him more than the Jedi.

10 Mace Windu was too late trying to kill Palpatine

Mace Windu was probably the teacher who was most suspicious of Anakin’s place among the Jedi. Yet Windu was the kind of Jedi he was: a serious person whose entire life was to make sure the Order was safe. Although he did not always appreciate Anakin’s attitude and impulsive nature, he realized how important Anakin was to the Jedi war effort and went out of his way to help him at times.

The irony is as much as they clashed, and Windu would have been a good teacher for Anakin, as both Jedi were of the more martial variety. However, Windu’s greatest failure with Anakin had nothing to do with his personal relationship: if Windu had managed to kill Palpatine before Anakin reached the Chancellor’s office, none of the calamities of the end of the Clone Wars would have occurred. However, Windu’s ability failed there and the rest is history.

9 Jar Jar Binks was too easy to manipulate

Jar Jar Binks has been through a strange time in his life. He went from being one of the most ridiculed parts of the Prequel Trilogy to being a much more beloved character, with the Darth Jar Jar fan theory among fan theories of Star Most popular wars in history. Jar Jar and Anakin were friends, and while the Gungan caused a lot of trouble, it wasn’t his clumsiness that caused Anakin to fail.

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Instead, it was how easily manipulated it was. Jar Jar introduced the Emergency Powers Act into the Senate, giving Palpatine the tools he would need to become Emperor later on and playing right into the hands of the Sith Lord. If Jar Jar hadn’t fallen for Palpatine and Mas Ameeda’s tricks, much suffering would have been avoided and Anakin’s fate would have been different.

8 Watto treated Anakin well but kept him as a slave

Calling Watto a friend of Anakin may seem like an exaggeration, as he was the boy’s owner, but he actually treated Anakin very well, at least for a slave. Anakin and Shmi had a good place to live, they were well fed and cared for, and Watto made sure the boy had not only toys, but also machines to play with. He tried to give Anakin a good life despite the circumstances of their relationship.

However, the mere fact that Anakin grew up as a slave was enough to put him on the path he was on. Watto had the possibility of freeing Anakin and his mother at any moment and he did not, which only aggravated Anakin’s mental problems. In fact, he could have also freed Shmi for Qui-Gonn, which would have made a huge difference in Anakin’s life, but he didn’t.

7 Plo Koon couldn’t reach Anakin with his teaching on patience

Anakin and Plo Koon worked together to bring down the Separatist battleship Malevolence and they had a good working relationship. Although Koon was the highest ranking Jedi Master, his task force had been destroyed by the massive ship, and he allowed Anakin to take command. However, he tried to temper Anakin’s impetuosity, working to teach the young Jedi patience and tactics.

However, his teachings would fall on deaf ears. Anakin would never stop being a hothead, and this tendency of his would be one of the things that would put him on the path to the dark side. If Koon had been able to reach Anakin, perhaps the young Jedi’s life would have been different.

6 Captain Rex couldn’t help Anakin overcome his problems

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Captain Rex was Anakin’s second in command in the 501st and one of the most formidable clones of the Grand Army of the Republic. However, the two were more than a general and his second, becoming great friends and developing a great working relationship.

However, no matter how many times they succeeded or how great their friendship was, Rex was never able to help Anakin deal with his problems. Their victories and their friendship never showed Anakin that there was more to life than loss and despair, an attitude that haunted Anakin throughout his life and led him to some dark places.

5 Yoda didn’t treat Anakin as a special case

Yoda was the leader of the Jedi Council, which made him the most important general in the entire Grand Army of the Republic. His failure with Anakin was actually very simple when it came to the truth: he treated him like he would treat any other Jedi. Although Yoda understood that Anakin was a special case, he did what he always did and met with failure.

In fact, Yoda’s failure with Anakin is a microcosm of his failure with the Republic in general: He kept trying to do things as usual, relying on his years of experience to overcome a situation that was unprecedented in his life. Yoda’s failure would show that he was not as good a Jedi as everyone thought and would spell the end of the Jedi Order.

4 Ahsoka Tano couldn’t get Anakin to open up

Ahsoka Tano was Anakin’s apprentice, who was handed over to him by the Jedi Council in an effort to mature him. The two would become great friends over the course of the Clone Wars, forming a bond that enhanced their lives during one of the most difficult times in the history of the galaxy. However, that friendship was not enough to save Anakin.

His tutelage over Ahsoka never taught Anakin what the Jedi Council thought he would do. Although Ahsoka frequently tried to be by her master’s side, she was unable to get him to open up to her and share her problems. If he had managed to open up to her, much pain would have been avoided.

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3 Padme Amidala didn’t tell anyone that Anakin had killed an entire village of Tusken raiders

Padme’s failure with Anakin was allowing their relationship to progress. Their relationship was full of red flags pretty much from the beginning, leading to some of Anakin’s most dire acts, and ending with Padme’s death. Padme’s biggest failure, however, was not telling anyone that Anakin had killed an entire village of Tusken raiders.

This act of revenge demonstrated exactly what Anakin was capable of, and there is a possibility that if Padme had told someone, like Obi-Wan, it could have helped Anakin overcome his anger and pain in a more powerful way. healthy, perhaps avoiding the tragedies of her future.

2 Qui-Gon Jinn died too soon

Qui-Gon Jinn freed Anakin from a life of slavery, giving him a chance for a better life, but his failure to stay alive would doom Anakin. Qui-Gon’s belief in the Chosen’s prophecy made him the perfect person to train Anakin, and Qui-Gon’s patience and wisdom would have made a huge difference in Anakin’s life. Qui-Gon’s death practically doomed Anakin to his fate.

If Qui-Gon had waited for Obi-Wan to come to him instead of going to confront Maul himself at the core of power, he would have survived to train Anakin, and things would have gone much better for the young man. However, Qui-Gon’s failure to survive was one of the major contributing factors to Anakin’s terrible fate.

1 Obi-Wan Kenobi knew he had failed Anakin

The relationship between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker ended in a terribly sad way, made even worse by the fact that Obi-Wan knew he had failed Anakin, and not just in one sense. During his final battle, Obi-Wan realized how much he had failed the young Jedi he considered a brother, and it broke his heart.

Obi-Wan did his best with Anakin, but he was not as good a Jedi as he thought. This failure would cause untold suffering across the galaxy and put the two men on a collision course that would end in the corridors of the Death Star.

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