10 times Marvel changed their movies in every country

After a successful decade, it is indisputable that the Marvel Cinematic Universe It is one of the most powerful brands in cinema. And not only for the profitability of his films. Also to maintain the interest of the audience, despite the voices that they insisted on the wear of the genre. Instead, the genre has been reinvented time and time again. And so many, as to always be new and surprising. Yes, you guessed right, we are thinking about WandaVision.

But beyond its advantages and high points, the Marvel Universe also has surprised by being able to adapt to all audiences. Movies are sometimes adapted to audiences from countries and cultures with every intention of being attractive to all audiences.

We leave you the ten occasions that Marvel Universe it was reinvented for various audiences.

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Steve Rogers’ to-do list in ‘Captain America and the Winter Solider’

cinematic universe and marvel
‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ (2014) – Marvel Studios

For context: after decades of frozen sleep, good old Steve carries a list of things to learn, remember, or refresh. The curious? The list changes in some regions. In the original you can read “investigating the landing on the Moon, Star Wars and Trek and Nirvana.”

There are almost ten variations of this list, with a number of references that aim to regionalize the interests of the character. For example, the British list has The Beatles, the Latin American lists the Mexico’s first astronaut, Neri Vela, and the South Korean version recommends seeing Oldboy.

More than one heroic team

avengers: endgame the avengersavengers: endgame the avengers

In England, the Avengers had to face a cultural reference that surpassed them by almost fifty years. In 1961, the series The Avengers became a medium-sized television hit, focusing first on the adventures of Dr. David Keel and his partner John Steed. After Hendry left the series in the first season, the production became a success by alternating female partners, including Cathy Gale, Emma Peel and Tara King.

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In 1998, the series had its film version starring Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and Sean Connery. And although it was A box office and audience failure, I set a precedent. The result? What The Avengers (Joss Whedon – 2012) had to change his name to Avengers Assemble in the UK to avoid confusion.

When Bob met Tom Ridley

Now you know, Avengers: Infinity War has a good collection of witty phrases. One of the best known was the way Tony Stark insulted Ebony Maw by calling him Squidward. But the SpongeBob reference changed in France.

In French, Tony compares Thanos’ henchman to the main villain of Harry Potter, Voldemort. The reason for the change is because in the French version the name Squidward is “Carlo”. So that, mockingly referring to Ebony Maw as “Carlo” would make no sense.. Or at least, not a funny one.

Mary Poppins changes her name

The script of Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume II it is full of jokes and endearing moments. One of the favorites is the moment when Star-Lord calls Yondu Mary Poppins, source of countless memes and jokes on the web. But in Taiwan it has no meaning. So for the region, Quill compared Yondu to Totoro from Studio Ghibli.

In case you’re wondering: the movie was released in 1988, so it’s possible Quill saw the movie before his abduction.

Coulson returns

spider-man: far from home agents of shield easter eggspider-man: far from home agents of shield easter egg
Marvel Studios

As you will remember, to Agents of SHIELD Agent Coulson returned from a bloody death. Many fans were quick to point out that Region 2 DVDs (i.e. those sold in the UK, Europe and other territories) it was evidence of his return. The reason? The version censored his death in a very notorious way.

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Would it be the way for the Marvel Universe to prepare for the return of the beloved character? The truth is that the censorship was for a mundane reason: in the United Kingdom the spear of Loki piercing Coulson’s chest was “inappropriate” for the qualification of all the public of the film in the country.

China had exclusive scenes from ‘Iron Man 3’

iron man fin fang foom sherlock holmesiron man fin fang foom sherlock holmes

Marvel made decisions to make the third movie of Iron Man in the Chinese market. One of them was filming four minutes of scenes which are only included in the version distributed in the country.

China omitted references to Russia in ‘Iron Man 2’

Another change in the trilogy of Iron Man for the Chinese market it is the change of the second part that includes references to Russia. Ivan Vanko (aka Whiplash) it has a past directly linked to the Soviet Union. This was not the case in China, where any reference to Russia was obscured or removed. Every time someone said “Russia” or “Russian”, the audio would turn off or the subtitles would be left untranslated.

Russia deleted all LGBTQ + references in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

avengers: endgame thor shawarma the avengersavengers: endgame thor shawarma the avengers

In the West, the very brief conversation between Joe Russo’s cameo and Steve Rogers in which referencing a gay date was considered overrated. In contrast, in Russia, it was considered offensive and was rewritten to remove any ambiguous references.

Steve runs out of title

avengers: endgame mjölnir thor hammer captain americaavengers: endgame mjölnir thor hammer captain america

Like any brand worth its salt, Marvel is quite pragmatic. Considered considerable anti-American sentiment worldwide. The result? Captain America lost his title in Russia, South Korea, and Ukraine, which promoted the character’s first film as The first avenger.

Some countries banned Marvel movies for unexpected reasons

Chadwick Boseman - Black PantherChadwick Boseman - Black Panther

Several of the Marvel movies have been banned in various parts of the world for unexpected reasons. Captain MarvelFor example, it was banned in Pakistan because Disney’s regional offices are based in India. The two nations have a long and heated political history, and this did not help in their distribution negotiations.

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Similarly, Saudi Arabia did not show any MCU movies before 2018 due to its strict prohibition related to cinematographic content. In fact, Black Panther it was the first Marvel movie to come to the country.

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