the department 2

The torturous wait is Finally over: Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is here, and you can justifiably say that fans and critics agree early on that it's both a solid improvement over the original with fun and mistakes and one too great merit of the "Looter Shooter" is. Genre.

But like so many open-world squad-based multiplayer titles, The Division 2 is a pretty complex game that can seem pretty scary at first sight, especially for those who look completely fresh.

Although the game does a (mostly) great job and makes its menus and systems pretty clear and concise, there are some aspects that Ubisoft does not really explain well.

But do not worry, because after spending a considerable amount of time in the early stages of the game, we made a list of all new and old players to watch out for before entering post-apocalyptic Washington Division 2 should go, DC

In addition, we've come across some handy tricks that will make you a fiercer battlefield fighter while saving precious time …