Reaching the age of 100 is an impressive achievement. However, more and more people are reaching the landmark – and all seem to have their own bizarre explanations as they did.

Arthur Grisbook is all about the daily mixed grill and red wine.

The 100-year-old from Buckinghamshire says he "does not worry about what the so-called experts say," but instead he usually wears a mixed grill. And when Arthur makes a mixed grill, he does it right. Steak, ham, sausages, fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, chips, rösti – the lot.

He has a few glasses of red wine to wash.

It does not seem to be the healthiest diet in the world, but Arthur is undoubtedly in good shape. He lives independently, is often said, he looks much younger than he is old, and still has the talent to beat some tunes on his beloved organ.

The widowed great-grandfather of three said, "I eat and drink whatever pleases me and do not worry about what the so-called" experts "say.

Arthur and his late wife Laura on their wedding day. Credit: ensures
Arthur and his late wife Laura on their wedding day. Credit: ensures

"I believe in making things temperate and sensible, I drink my meals most nights.

"I want to live as independently as possible at my age.

"With age, the esophagus narrows, which is just a feature of old age, but mixed grills are delicious and easy to cook and eat.

"I also like sausage and porridge and fish and chips – but my mixed grill is best."

100 years of mixed grills hey … wondering how many pigs and cows he ate in his life? 40 cows and 60 pigs? Or maybe 11 cows and 15 pigs? Or are there more than 30,000 cows and 45,000 pigs?

Nevertheless, Arthur has no health problems, and his daughter, 72-year-old Margaret, said he was a "remarkable" man.

She said, "All my friends say" your dad does not look like he's 100 ".

"He is very helpful, undemanding and grateful, we always love to spend time with him, he is a remarkable man."

So if you like to drink wine and eat meat, and you want to live long, let Arthur & # 39; s story inspire you and suppose that his health is a result of his diet and not genetics.

Or, if you have a sweeter tooth, read about Lesley, who also made the 100s club and never skips dessert.

Alternatively, do whatever you want and do not worry about how long you live. A woman from Russia who claims to be the oldest person in the world says she has been miserable all her life.

So it's more about quality than quantity.

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