12 recent TV series on Netflix you have to binge on

The television landscape is a business in constant evolution since countless studies constantly change the way they manage content, in the hope that they will attract their audience in new and exciting ways. But in an era largely dominated by on-demand services and streaming platforms, it is obvious that Netflix is ​​the one to beat.

Dropping content onto fans long before it was considered the most interesting thing to do, allowed its subscribers to consume countless TV episodes with just a touch of a hat – instead of letting them do things the old fashioned way and wait a week for a new episode (such an archaic idea, right?!).

We now live in an age where “binge-watching” has become a completely acceptable trend and, in all honesty, we have to thank good old Netflix. And the streaming service doesn’t actually show any signs of slowing down, because a lot of new shows have fallen in the last few months and weeks that you may have missed.

At a time when people need escapism, we have Netflix to supply us in abundance and, fortunately, they continue to provide great content with some brilliant recent shows …

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