15 photos of cabins taken by passengers on board the popular cruise lines

Find out which cruise lines are up to the hype as we browse rough reviews and see if their cabins are as perfect as advertised.

It is a fact that your cabin can make or break your cruise experience. Ocean liners shell out millions of dollars a year just to maintain a high level of comfort and, surprisingly, not everyone manages to keep up with the standards. Big names like MSC and Viking are falling off the map due to the deterioration in customer service.

Lack of cleanliness is the main reason why customers leave terrible comments and 99% is for domestic cleaning: rotten food, stained mattresses and dirty bathrooms.

Therefore, today’s list will help you decide which cruise brand is right for you. Let’s take a little Nauti while we count 15 photos that passengers took of the cabins on board the famous cruise lines.

15 Oceania cruises: completely mismanaged

small oceania cruise
via Cruise Critic

“Why would anyone even go on Oceania Cruises?” Criticized an angry critic TripAdvisor. This is understandable, especially when the boarding process lasts 8 tiring hours. But even their tiny rooms offer little or no comfort: disgusting sofas, exhaust smells and soot-bombed balconies are all common features.

14 Carnival Splendor: exceptional experience

cruise cabin cruise carnival splendor
via Traveling Islanders

Carnival Splendor and its SuperLiner breed offer triple A comfort even if they come at a price (one arm and one leg) and even the simplest room surpasses most other cruise ship brands. It combines simplicity and elegance and will make you proud of your trip.

13 American cruise lines: health problems

cabin for American cruises
via CruiseCritic

American Cruise Lines cabins are not very well maintained, as evidenced by one of the reviewer’s comments Consumer policy. “The $ 13,000 stateroom” was nothing more than an epic mess: the food was not fresh, the toilets were dirty and the cleaners refused to do their homework. It is broken and the management would do nothing to solve the problems.

12 Cunard Line: A Royal Twist

ms queen elizabeth cunard cabin cruise
via Cruise Critic

The Cunard Line offers a more traditional, majestic and intimate real themed experience. The beautiful rooms and itinerary options make it an excellent choice if you plan to see northern destinations such as the Norwegian coast. “We spent most of the trip in our cabin. Boy it was worth it!”, A Cruise critic shared reviewer.

11 Star Clippers: No Comfort

cruise cabin with star nail clippers
via QuirkyCruise

Star Clippers are inconsistent when it comes to their booths. The fantastic scenery can be ruined by the noisy engines and the whole experience really depends on where you were booked. “The cabin was a real disappointment,” a Cruise Critic critic recalled his wedding anniversary aboard his small cabin.

10 Crystal Symphony: Magical Vacation

symphonic crystal cruise cabin
via Cruise Critic

Currently ranked according to America’s number one cruise line News from the United StatesCrystal cabins average 4.5 / 5 stars second Cruise critic and the 2018 revision has just further improved the huge suites. Although a bit old-fashioned, Crystal is the most complete: minibars, love seats, multiple coaches and a double bed are all available for your comfort.

9 Costa Cruises: a total rip-off

Costa neo riviera cruise small cabin
via Cruise Critic

See that prison cell above? It is actually a cruise suite and is incredibly terrible. So terrible that your dream vacation can’t be more ruined than that. Cleanliness is the only positive thing here, but apart from that, the basic rooms are too expensive and it is evident from the photo above that the management does not care about aesthetics.

8 Regent Seven Seas: the best in the world

Regent seven cabins of the seas
via Cruise Critic

Regent has a goal in mind and is perfecting the art of luxury: all guests receive a complimentary bottle of champagne to get started, a shoe shine service and a personalized minibar. The cabins are similar to the 5-star hotel rooms that can be seen in Dubai or Las Vegas.

7 Norwegian Cruise Line: disastrously disappointing

simple beds in the cabin of the Norwegian cruise line
via Cruise Critic

Norwegian is now plagued with problems and Cruise Critic guests are bombarding the brand with negative reviews. He was a decent transatlantic a decade ago, but his name has been tarnished due to lack of attention from management. Note the photo above, the layout is hurting our heads.

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6 Viking Ocean Cruise: world class comfort

Viking ocean cruise cabin
via Cruise Critic

Another perfect 5-star cruise ship is Viking Ocean Cruise. The secret lies in the hard work they put into every little detail. The way everything was organized and the immaculate rooms are worth every penny in your pocket. The suites are not too narrow and there is room to breathe.

5 Holland America: tasteless and terrible

single bed on cruise in amsterdam america amsterdam
via Cruise Critic

Holland America is more like a depressing version of Costa Cruises, as you can see above. Even worse, the lower decks offer no privacy and those near the engine are not too comfortable in terms of sound. The rooms aren’t too special and the decor is dusty and outdated.

4 Disney Cruises: A Modern Spectacle

disney dream line cruise cabin
via the Disney Cruise Line blog

As a floating theme park in the sea, Disney is the best choice for families around the world. Having already established itself as an entertainment and hotel conglomerate, Disney excels in every way possible. The cabins are colorful and comfortable with the right amount of space to breathe.

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3 MSC Cruises: above average

simple room in the cabin of the cruise line msc
via Cruise Critic

“NEVER AGAIN!”, A traumatized guest fired the SeaScanner chatting in harsh words while remembering her ruined vacation stating that the cabins were so dirty, the staff had to clean the room for most of the day and were unable to make the most of their cruise. The bathrooms are old, the cabinets are broken and even the TV barely worked.

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2 Azamara Cruises: exceptional service

Azamara travel cruise cabin
via Cruise Critic

The Azamara line offers luxury cabins with different themes and first-rate services: whirlpools, private verandas and an entertainment system are part of the agreement together with some free extras such as fruit baskets, afternoon canapes and personal stationery.

1 Seabourn Cruise Line: ultra-luxurious and the best around

cruise cabins on the sea
via Cruise Critic

Seabourn Cruises is the reference point for all ocean liners and luxury is a huge understatement. You are looking for the best cruise line in the world. Each of their spacious suites is equipped with Egyptian cotton beds, spa and personalized minibars. Currently, the cruise line has an average rating of 4.5 / 5 stars out of News from the United States.

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