20 cool games are currently heavily discounted in the Steam Sale

In the current Steam Sale we pick 20 favorites for you.

In the current Steam Sale we pick 20 favorites for you.

By now you should know the game: In the middle of the week, as always, tons of new discount campaigns start on Steam.

In the Midweek Madness and various other sales, games are sometimes drastically reduced. And because this quickly creates an unmanageable chaos, we naturally straddle in to help.

This week we even have 20 games picked out for you, where we say: For such a big discount, it is at least worth taking a look at the respective genre representative. Incidentally, at GameStar Plus we have our very own free full version for you. The role-play experiment Evoland:

Evoland Legendary Edition for free at GameStar Plus


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Evoland Legendary Edition for free at GameStar Plus

And because we have so much on the agenda, there is no more gossip – let’s get started.

Oriental Empires

Genre: Round strategy | developer: Shining Pixel Studios | Release: 14. September 2017 | price: 6 euros (80 percent reduced) | Offer is valid until: 23. November

Oriental Empires receives little attention in this country, although it has been further developed for years. It’s a shame, because the 4X strategy game in the atmosphere of a civilization has some cool strengths. First and foremost, of course, his scenario: You dive into the fascinating world of ancient Asia, expanded by DLCs, for example, to include the popular era of the three kingdoms.

As in every 4X game, you build a settlement, research, erect buildings and expand your empire step by step. The fact that Oriental Empires cannot keep up with a Civilization 5 is due to a major drawback: The fights are not fun. The developers are emulating the battle feeling of a total war, but this is all just appearance, not being.

He suffers from that terrific management part of the game, because building your empire is a lot of fun. Oriental Empires currently only costs 6 euros – for the price you can forgive the game for its mistakes in good conscience, if you are looking for a fresh 4X paint job.

Tales of Vesperia

Genre: JRPG | developer: Bandai Namco | Release: January 11, 2019 | price: 10 euros (reduced by 75 percent) | Offer is valid until: 20. November

Tales of Vesperia is one of those role-playing games that leaves you with sadness. Yes, the plot may be a simple world-saver story, but the characters grow so fond of your heart that after the credits your heart whimpers because it’s over. Well, of course nothing speaks against a second round. In the best of JRPG fashion, you travel through a dazzling world full of dangers and opportunities in Tales of Vesperia.

As with many JRPGs, they form the core the unforgettable characters, the soundtrack, the orchestral boss fights. Unlike many other genre representatives, the fights here do not take place in round mode, but in real time. Optionally also in local co-op, by the way.

Tales of Vesperia was originally released over 10 years ago for the penultimate generation of consoles, but the Definitive Edition, as a remaster, contains far more than just graphical touch-ups: the remaster version contains entire story chapterswhich was previously reserved exclusively for the Japanese market. For 10 euros we can recommend the game to all JRPG fans (and RPG fans in general).

How Good Is Tales of Vesperia? Our GameStar test

Football, Tactics & Glory - test video for the clever football tactics game


Football, Tactics & Glory – test video for the clever football tactics game

Genre: Sportsimulation | developer: Creoteam | Release: 1. June 2018 | price: 12.50 euros (reduced by 50 percent) | Offer is valid until: 20. November

Football, Tactics & Glory can hardly be compared with the Football Manager. Because the “sports simulation” is more reminiscent of a Jagged Alliance with football: Round by round you decide where your boys should kick the ball. But of course, there are tons of controls to adjust beyond the games as well. The team itself can also be created in the editor.

This functional description does not do justice to the appeal of Football, Tactics & Glory. You can find it much more amusing, for example, in this love poem – or in our equally entertaining GameStar test.

Life is Strange – Season 1

Life is Strange - Episode 1 Test Video: How Good is the Mystery Teen Drama?


Life is Strange – Episode 1 Test Video: How Good is the Mystery Teen Drama?

Genre: Adventure | developer: Dontnod | Release: 30. Januar 2015 (Episode 1) | price: 4 euros (reduced by 80 percent) | Offer is valid until: 25. November

Even in 2020 after several sequels, the first season of Life is Strange is not only the highlight of the series, but also one of the best adventure games of the last 10 years. The heartwarming story of Chloe and Max starts out simple, always remains tangible, but always surprises.

Don’t you think so? You can try out the first episode of the game for free at any time, but the entire first season is currently available for a mere 4 euros.

Terminator: Resistance

Terminator: Resistance - test video: Terminator hasn't been that good for a long time


Terminator: Resistance – test video: Terminator hasn’t been that good for a long time

Genre: Ego-Shooter | developer: Teyon | Release: 14. November 2019 | price: 24 euros (reduced by 40 percent) | Offer is valid until: November 19th (7pm)

Terminator: Resistance is a difficult game. So not in terms of gameplay, as it offers a humorous mix of classic shooter and stealth action. No, when Terminator: Resistance came out, quite a dig arose in public opinion. Because in terms of craftsmanship, the game suffers from quirks that can annoy you. More on this in our GameStar test on Terminator: Resistance.

At the same time, Resistance is one of the best Terminator games in decades for fans. Be sure to have a look at the test video, because that addresses exactly this supposed contradiction. If you’re really up for a Terminator game again, then you shouldn’t face Resistance with too much resistance. See what we did there?

Even more exciting offers

And now the other offers in the Steam sale that we think are worth mentioning.

  • Warhammer 40.000: Gladius – Relics of War: Brutal 4X strategy game in which you fight against other factions for planetary sovereignty. 14 euros, 60 percent reduced.
  • Everspace: Space roguelike in which you travel the galaxy, blast enemy ships to junk and upgrade your ship. Costs 4 euros, 85 percent reduced.
  • Tales of Zestiria: Like Vesperia a classic JRPG in which a hero troop has to save the world. Fantastic soundtrack. Fantastic open world. Fantastic figures. Costs 8 euros, 75 percent reduced.
  • Tales of Berseria: An alternative to Zestiria. Instead of a troop of heroes, you embody a gang of villains and demons. The latest part of the Tales series. Costs 8 euros, 75 percent reduced.
  • Command & Conquer Remastered: The C&C remaster is very often reduced, currently by 35 percent to a very affordable 13 euros.
  • Journey: For many people, the best game ever made. Journey is an emotional journey. The rest is best experienced for yourself. Currently it costs 7.50 euros (40 percent discount).
  • Nioh: Dark Souls in late feudal Japan. Fantastic game with lots of own ideas – clear recommendation for 15 euros (reduced by 70 percent).
  • My Time at Portia: Farming game in 3D. For fans of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. Costs 10 euros, reduced by 66 percent.
  • UBOAT: Very exciting submarine simulation in which you have to keep an eye on all aspects of a submarine during the Second World War. Currently still in Early Access for 14.50 euros (42 percent discount).
  • Human: Fall Flat: Wonderful multiplayer nonsense with little modeling clay. Costs 6 euros, reduced by 60 percent.
  • Thief: Quite controversial sequel to the legendary stealth series. For 3 euros but a funny sneak game for in between.
  • Sleeping Dogs: Mercilessly underrated gangster open world. Beat, shoot and drive your way through the Hong Kong underworld. Reduced by 85 percent to 3 euros.
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts: The snowy sniper sandbox also has its weaknesses, but for 15 euros you can always look at the shooter.
  • Men of War: Assault Squad 2: Very demanding real-time strategy in World War II. Still has a loyal little community in multiplayer – and fantastic Star Wars mods! Costs 5 euros, reduced by 80 percent.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The great rebirth of the Deus-Ex series. Human Revolution tells a fantastic cyberpunk story – and that for only 3 euros.

Price comparison at a glance

And because Steam is of course not the only shop, you can find the price comparison here.

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