2020 was a ‘bittersweet’ year for Javier Burrai, Barcelona SC goalkeeper | International Soccer | sports

Since December 29, 2020, Argentine goalkeeper Javier Burrai has become part of the history of Barcelona Sporting Club. Two interventions by the gaucho were decisive to win 1-3 in the penalty shoot-out against the Quito League and for his team to make the Olympic return for the first time at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium.

A season that closed with a flourish, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, for bullfighters and Burrari, who on October 19 learned of the death of his father, Óscar, in Argentina.

The first complicated situation that he experienced was on February 26 in the game that the yellows beat Cerro Porteño 4-0 in Paraguay, for the third phase of the Copa Libertadores, he was injured with a multiple fracture to his face after a collision with the Guarani forward Jorge Benítez. He underwent surgery and was inactive for two months.

“I had to go through difficult things: I buried my old man on a Thursday, I returned to Ecuador on a Saturday, I got off the plane, I told the coach to play and that Sunday was one of the best games I had (in the 0-2 victory over Liga de Portoviejo on October 25 in Manabí) ”, recalled Burrai, 30.

And about the final on the Liga (Q) court, the goalkeeper revealed: “In the penalties against Liga de Quito I spoke to myself, I spoke to my old man. I had the opportunity to honor him at a club that demands a lot from you (…) With the glove, on which my father’s name was written, I saved the two penalties against Liga de Quito to be champion ”.

“In sports, the title with Barcelona de Guayaquil was the best thing that happened to me in a complicated 2020,” he added in the interview with the radio 947FM from Buenos Aires.

The goalkeeper played 30 games (2,700 minutes on the court) and received a yellow card in LigaPro; and in the Libertadores he defended the Canaries in nine duels (733 minutes). In total they conceded 25 annotations.

Barcelona will begin its preseason on January 18 with medical check-ups to be carried out at the Monumental stadium and then plans to travel to Manta to continue with its work. (D)

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