I've learned a few things since moving to Lincolnshire at this time last year.

I just made the short trip through the East Midlands from Nottingham, but I quickly learned about the county and the people who live here.

There are subtle differences that distinguish Lincolnshire from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Here are 21 things I've learned since I call it my home.

1. It's huge

Lincolnshire is the second largest county in the UK and you can certainly say. It is no small matter to drive from one end to the other.

Fancy a trip from Stamford to Donna Nook? No problem, it only takes two hours (in one direction).

I spent a lot of time driving around the county, and most of it seems to go through fields. Lincolnshire is absolutely massive.

2. You will know when it is game day

If you live vaguely near Sincil Bank, you will definitely know when the imps are turned on.

The streets are packed with people on the way to the game, especially on Saturday afternoons – you'll see red and white wherever you go.

Even before the game seems to be much more going on. The outdoor fans attract many families hours before the kick-off.

If you make a trip to the pub Ritz on match day, you'll know when the game starts.

A new era begins Sincil Bank
Sincil Bank

3. You are a proud bunch

One thing that stands out against yellow-bellied pines is how much you love everyone, where you live.

Whether it's the Red Arrows, the Cathedral or your sausages, most of the people who live here are very proud of it.

4. Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire

North East Lincolnshire is quite separate from the rest of the county.

It has another local authority and another favorite football team (which I've heard in Lincoln does not like them very much).

It took me a while to work on it, just as Yorkshire is shared by those living in the west and south. Some regard North East Lincolnshire as a completely different place from the rest of the county – though quite a few people still regard it as Lincolnshire.

5. The Christmas market is the best

People come from all over the world to see it

Who else has a Christmas market between a cathedral and a castle?

The market is unrivaled in my opinion. It is not too big and I urge everyone not to feel ten times more festive after a visit.

I was told when I moved here to expect good things – I was not disappointed. I'm looking forward to my next visit in December.

6. They are friendly people

It's pretty clear that most of the people you meet here are very smiley and helpful.

Traveling alone to a new city for the first time was pretty daunting, but I felt good as soon as I realized that Yellowbellies were a pretty fun bunch.

7. It's great for a pint

As someone who appreciates a good pub, I was not disappointed. Do you want somewhere with a view? Try the newly opened Crafty Imp or the Magna Carta next to the cathedral.

Like a country inn? You're spoiled for choice – in Lincolnshire there are a number of quaint little waterholes (there's even an ale trail).

Drink on the beach? Take a trip to Skegness.

While you're on Brayford, you can even take a sip – the possibilities are truly endless.

8. Traffic is a nightmare

Of epic proportions.

Living in Lincoln and getting everywhere at peak times is about as fun as pulling teeth. Since I moved here, I've spent a lot of time in the queue – actually, I'm pretty used to it now.

But it's not just in Lincoln – ask anyone who spends a lot of time behind the wheel and he'll tell you all about it.

9. It's pretty hard to get around

There is no Uber in Lincolnshire, and most of all, it is quite far away (as we have already mentioned). So if you want to go somewhere and you do not have a car, this can be tricky.

The good news is that there are some stations to choose from and buses are available.

10. Where is Lincolnshire?

The question that everyone's yellow-bellied has is hard of hearing.

Some believe that we are in Yorkshire, say in the south, we are in the north, thinking in the north, we are in the south.

The truth? We're in the East Midlands – it's not that difficult.

Our growing frustration at everyone else's geographic naivety is definitely something that holds us all together.

11. You have your own accent

I'm not sure exactly what it is or how to describe it, but there are subtle differences that make up the Lincolnshire accent.

The problem is – I just can not say it exactly. I'm sure I'll pick it up over time.

12. Bracebridge and Bracebridge Heath are two completely different places

This is pretty self-explanatory. One is not an abbreviation of the other – one is outside of Lincoln, one is inside of Lincoln.

See also the above point for Kirton and Kirton in Lindsey.

13. Many places do not sound the way they are written

Boultham Park

Boultham? Boot ham.

Kuhbit? Cubb-it.

Belvoir? Beaver.

14. It is anything but flat

Anyone who thinks Lincolnshire is flat should try to climb Steep Hill, which, as the name implies, is quite steep.

If you drive into the Wolds of Lincolnshire, you'll find out how hilly the county can be.

15. This is a county of the RAF

Coningsby, Waddington, Scampton – Lincolnshire is actually a county of the RAF. And it also has a rich history – including the Red Arrows, the Dambuster, the Vulcan, and of course this is Bomber County.

16. It's busy

All you have to do is check out the Lincolnshire Showground, the Market Rasen Racetrack, the SO Festival or even the Lincoln Sausage Festival to see that Lincolnshire has a lot going on all year round.

17th pedestrian bridge? Which jetty?

Many people simply ignore the existence of a pedestrian bridge – especially in Lincoln.

Even if the barriers have just come down, some will just wait there instead of climbing a few stairs to get to the other side. Every man for himself.

18th potholes

There seem to be some potholes on the roads of the county. Lincolnshire County Council has paid more than £ 400,000 in pothole compensation over the last five years.

File photo of pothole

19. Lincolnshire sausages can not be beat

The sausages I've had since moving to Lincolnshire were almost all local and that's because they're the best in the area.

Anyone who tells you something else is lying to you.

20. It is a good place to live if you are the best friend of man

There are dog-friendly pubs, beaches and so many good parks and trails where Yellowbellies can take their furry friends for walks.

Lincolnshire dogs are happy dogs. There is much to enjoy here.

21. There is so much more to learn

I feel like I've been here for a while now, and honestly, I know there's so much I do not know about this county.

It's big and has so much to offer – I'm looking forward to all the new things that I'm going to find out.