2,152 Covid-19 tests have been applied to the Senate community – Politics

The Senate reported that with a cut-off date of the 14th of this month, a total of 2 thousand 152 rapid tests have been carried out on workers and legislators, in the legislative precinct, to detect Covid-19 carriers. Of that number of tests, 157 people – among unionized workers, senators and advisers – have tested positive, this is 7.3 percent of the total of those who have taken the test.

To that report, it was indicated, three workers who took the test on Monday 12 and were positive are added, which adds up to a total of 160 people who have suffered the Covid-19 virus.

Among the senators who from March to date have been infected with Covid-19 are: Nestora Salgado, Miguel Ángel Navarro and Alejandro Armenta, from the Morena bench; and Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, from the PRI, among others.

Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of the Bancada de Morena, and president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), said he was concerned about the number of infections that have been registered among the staff of the Upper House. He pointed out: “I came out negative in the rapid test, that’s why I’m calm but colleagues who also did it, they didn’t come out negative, they came out positive and we sent them to quarantine, that’s why we are careful with all this that is happening in the parliamentary precinct ”.

Even in the session last Wednesday, the senator of Morena Lilia Margarita Valdez said that “in the face of the Covid cases that have been registered between senators and workers, without falling into panic if we should exaggerate the precautionary measures; that people do not enter en masse; yes indeed (that those who represent them enter the Senate, but that they do not enter without masks, without having their temperature taken, that they use gel and sanitary mats so that they do not have a bigger problem than we already have ”.

Also the senator of Morena, Martí Batres asked that the sanitary measures be reviewed in the Upper House. “We had the news last week that Senator Alejandro Armenta was positive and joins the case of others and other legislators and workers.”


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