24% of COVID deaths in August were Hispanic

The patterns of deaths from coronavirus in the United States changed during the summer, as there was an increase in the percentage of deaths of Hispanics and of people living in the south and west of the country, according to a new government report published Friday. .

In the report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the deaths associated with the coronavirus registered between May 1 and August 31 were analyzed. The report updates a previous one focused on deaths during the initial wave of the epidemic at the beginning of the year that mainly affected the Northeast.

According to the report, more than three-fifths of the August deaths were occurring in southern states, and more than one-fifth in western states. Hispanic deaths accounted for 24% of all deaths in August.

It also showed a drop in nursing home deaths, from 30% in May to 17% in August, with respect to the total number of deaths.

White people accounted for 51% of deaths in late spring and summer, compared to 40% in early spring. The death rate for blacks dropped from 25% in the early spring to 19% in the summer.

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