265 527 cases of covid-19 are reported this February 13, 2021, according to the Ministry of Health

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In Ecuador registered 265 527 confirmed cases of covid-19 until the morning of this saturday February 13, 2021. 10 550 people have died from the virus and 4 719 people have died from causes related to respiratory disease, a total of 15 269 deaths in the context of the pandemic, according to report 352 delivered by the Ministry of Health.

Of this total, in Pichincha they have died 2 123 people by covid-19, confirmed with PCR tests. Guayas is the second province with the most deaths from the virus with 1 997 deaths.

As for the provinces with the most infections, the most affected is Pichincha with 93,081 confirmed cases. Follow him Guayas with 33 513 cases and Manabí with 18,758. Quito is the city with the most infections in the country with 83 947 and Guayaquil follows with 23 034 infections.

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On the other hand, 30 213 people have been discharged from hospital, 769 are hospitalized stable and 486 with a reserved prognosis. In addition, 220 398 patients have recovered from disease.


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