28-40. Barcelona cut Bada Huesca’s streak

Huesca, Feb 13 (EFE) .- Barcelona ended the victorious streak of Bada Huesca, which had taken them to third position in the standings, and achieved a wide and comfortable victory (28-40), after a fairly even first half, as is usual in the Catalan team that has no rivals in the Scyr ASOBAl League.

The game started with a lot of rhythm and fast plays in the two goals with minimal advantages, especially in Barcelona, ​​although Bada Buesca also managed to get ahead, the dominant trend being the draws until the halfway point of the first half, the attackers prevailing over the defenses in the first half. most of the plays.

Bada Huesca not only stood up but took the lead on the scoreboard on several occasions, which made Xavi Pascual, Barcelona coach, with the score 14-13, in the 23rd minute, ask for time to clarify ideas, and the game of his team seeing that he could not defeat his rival who was standing up to him.

The words of the coach of the Catalan team had an effect for his team to react, and his team already went online, achieving an income of three goals until the end of the first thirty minutes (15-18).

After the break, Barcelona already imposed their roller and the advantage they acquired from the beginning increased with the passing of the minutes, and in six minutes they achieved an income of seven goals (17-24) that forced José F. Nolasco, Bada Huesca coach to stop the game to cut the bleeding that his team was suffering.

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Barcelona continued to do their thing and the goals came to the local team very easily, the differences that increasingly weighed on the scoreboard were insurmountable, not lowering the neck of the seven goals in favor of the Catalan team.

The game with the dominance of Barcelona already lost emotion, and it was a mere formality for both teams given the superiority and the little response that Bada Huesca could give until the end of the game, although he never lowered his arms and fought until the end, falling by 12 goals (28-40).


28 – Bada Huesca: Dani Arguillas (po) (), Montoya (3), Carmona (1), Toumentsev “Sasa” (2), Adrian Pérez (3), Mosquera (2), Marcelo (4), Rodrigo Benites ( 3), Oier García (1), Gucek (3), Sergio Pérez (3), Miguel Malo (1), Asier Nieto (0), Joao Pinto (2), Espinha (po), Broto (po),

40 – FC Barcelona: Gonzalo (po), Enterríos (1), Sorhaindo (4), Dolenec (0), Ariño (1), Blaz Janc (8), Aleix Gómez (3), T. Petrus (0), Dika Men (8), Cindric (3), Alex Pascual (1), Palmarsson (3), Makuc (1), Langaro (7), Fabregas (0), Moller (po).

Referees: Ausás and Florenza. They excluded two minutes of Bada Huesca: Oier García, and Gucek; and from FC Barcelona to Fábregas, and Petrus.

Score every five minutes: 4-4; 7-7; 10-11; 12-13; 14-16; 15-18 Break); 17-22; 19-27; 21-30; 24.33; 26-36; and 28-40 (Final).

Incidents: Match between Bada Huesca and FC Barcelona corresponding to the twentieth day of the ASOBAL league, played at the Palacio de los Deportes in Huesca, behind closed doors.

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