The Manchester derby has gained in importance in recent years, but Manchester City and Manchester United have rarely held back from the rise of the blues to the elite.

The clashes between City and United have provided some lasting and impressive images over the decades. The advent of Sky and the Internet has made flashpoints available on the field, and the brawl can be rewound and replayed rather than getting dusted in the archive room.

By Mark Hughes, who started Steve McMahon, and Roberto Mancini challenged Sir Alex Ferguson. There are many impressive images of both groups of players stuck in the square and of managers.

From the 5: 1 of 1989 come some of the liveliest pictures that the two Manchester clubs produced on Derby Day.

A fan is accompanied during the 5: 1 of 1989

Several hundred supporters of the United States may have spared Alex Ferguson on Maine Road his lowest ebb. At the start of the game, the Reds broke into the city and when the battle fell on the field, the game was maintained for eight minutes while the police restored order.

Instead of dropping the majority, the officers accompanied the United fans to the outside. They might have wished that they were.

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Manchester derby

Mark Hughes takes an exception from Niall Quinn in 1993 …

Four days after United Hell left, they were happy. Turkish delight. The fans of the happy city remained at the Reds in a 2-0 victory over the confectionery, as Galatasaray four days earlier the European Cup of United from the European Cup.

Roy Keane should have left United back home when Tony Coton beat 0-0, but was rejected. Instead, another Irishman opened the gate. Two Niall Quinn headers gave City the advantage of halftime, much to Mark Hughes obvious annoyance.

And shortly after Steve McMahon storms

If I watch Hughes' hot thug today, it's amazing he was not turned down. He stomped on Quinn, confronting David White and bitching at Steve McMahon shortly before the break.

Referee Robbie Hart had apologized to Hughes, who had only a yellow card, and United completed one of the finest comebacks of the Ferguson era to win 3-2.

Curle tries to unsettle Cantona in 1994

Keith Curle and Eric Cantona were neighbors, and on the square Curle fought like a neighbor who thought he had the best lawn.

In the 3-2 defeat of City on Maine Road, his foul against Cantona would probably justify a red card in the deaths of those days, but referee Hart struck again. Months later, Cantona returned from seven-game play after scoring red cards in Swindon (rightly) and Arsenal (undeserved) against City.

Curle had demanded Canton's predilection for retaliation, but the provocation did not work. The Frenchman scored both goals when United won 2-0.

Cantona and Brightwell all go in

A match in which 89s 89th-generation spirits were exorcised for the Russians made United even better in November 1994 with a 5-0 win over City.

Cantona, who scored eight derby goals, started the party with a compelling half volley after catching Andrei Kanchelski's sensational pass on the chest, and paid the Russian back with fifth for Hatchick's hat-trick goal.

As the picture shows, Ian Brightwell was persistent but defeated.

Keane imagines Kinkladze 96

The fifth round of the FA Cup of United and City in 1996, even in the mid-90s, tied to the weddings of the fans of the 70s and 80s. The fans of the city occupied the scoreboard, the rain pelted down and the field resembled yesterday's cabbage fields.

And Roy Keane (who else?) Set the tone, with a tricky challenge to the short-lived Georgie Kinkladze.

Michael Brown joins Nicky Butt …

However, Keane was surpassed by the 19-year-old Michael Brown in the stakes, who like Hughes and Curle escaped an obvious red card two seasons earlier when he deliberately entered Nicky Butt.

And a melee

In front of 42,692 enthusiastic supporters, Reds and Blues began to seek out battles. Hughes was gone, but United's hard cock was still huge, since Gortanite Butt had the weight. The Irish men Keane and Quinn, whose turbulent relationships continued from Saipan to Sunderland, showed no loss of love and said much for Cantona's new calm, which he developed as a peacemaker.

Butt and Brown will be re-known a month later

A Lee Sharpe footer grabbed the Derby Cup match in February and the teams met again in April. United fought for the title and City struggled to stay in the league. Run twice and balanced twice City. The crooked curle then showed Ryan Giggs down the line, watching as the Welshman shot the ball into the top corner for a wonderful winner.

Irwin is not happy with Weah because he shortened his test appearance in 2000

After a four-year absence from the first league City was back and before the season started, they were invited to Old Trafford to Denis Irwin's testimonials.

However, Irwin took 36 minutes when George Weah quit his evening in a bloody encounter. It took only seconds for David Beckham to lose his rag. Danny Tiatto and Gary Neville fought Alf-Inge Haaland, brisk Paul Dickov and former United team-mate Terry Cooke.

Dickov welcomes Beckham back to Maine Road …

November was the first competitive derby for four and a half years. Ferguson missed it because of his son's wedding in South Africa on a busy day for Beckham. City fans and also Dickov had forgotten his behavior in Irwin's testimonial and he was warmly welcomed by the North Stand.

While city fans throw him coins

Beckham had already beaten Nicky Weaver with an early free kick and was knocked down at the corner of rockets of the city contingent. The United No. 7 later said he had some extra coins for his son's piggy bank.

Tiatto crashes with Phil Neville …

Tiatto's on Phil Neville was no longer played or quoted as a notorious derby tackle, but was just as dangerous.

Neville described Tiatto's challenge as "cowardly," resulting in a stunning Aussie outburst.

And red and blues are piling up

"Once you touch one of the United players, it's all a fuss – it's just pathetic," said Tiatto. "It was a very ordinary challenge, especially if you see some of them being used by United every week.

"Phil and Gary Neville seem to moan every time they go wrong, and what Phil said is a shame.

"If he wants me to do a real duel, then I'll be more than willing to look at him next time.

"I jumped in the air, and if it had been intended I would not have done that, I would've taken my legs."

Keane takes his revenge

Tiatto was out of action when United and City met in the reverse encounter this season when he saw what he might consider a "real fight".

Keane had been waiting for the best part of four years for revenge against Haaland because he had accused him of having faked his cruciate ligament injury.

"I waited long enough, I hit him hard, the ball was there (I think)," Keane wrote in his autobiography.

"Take this shit and never stand over me and mock me about wrong injuries."

Neville and McManaman launch

"Gary Neville is a Red, he hates Scousers," sing United fans, and Neville proved that when he beat Steve McManaman in the 2004 Valentine's Derby.

Neville threw a miserable dive into the City area and was confronted during the game by Michael Tarnat, Joey Barton and McManaman, who confronted the Bury born defender.

McManaman poked his head in first, but Neville nibbled him softly and got a red card. United won 4-2.

Butt Butts heads with distin

A month later, it was almost a reverse score. United, who made off after the traumatic retirement in the Champions League against Porto, came to his first game in the City of Manchester Stadium with a victory of five.

They were robbed by Gary Neville and Keane and tortured for the locked Rio Ferdinand. They were bullied by a brave city soldier who beat them with a 4-1 win over Shaun Wright-Phillips's late screamer.

Dunne does not take any nonsense from Saha

A Memorable Game: An organized city ruled out a towering United in November 2004, despite the awkward behavior of David James in Kevin Keegan's last Manchester derby. Richard Dunne had no nonsense from a contentious Louis Saha.

Ball leaves his mark on Ronaldo

Stuart Pearce's recent home game on the City helmet extended the blistering streak of the Blues to eight at home in the Premier League when Cristiano Ronaldo scored his penalty and Darius Vassell saw that he was rescued.

Michael Ball, determined to tie the irresistible Ronaldo, stepped on his stomach in less than two minutes. Galloping for the left-back, he then fouled Ronaldo to allow the crucial penalty.

Neville kills the bird in Tevez

The League Cup semi-final 2010 brought the derby an adrenalin shot. Carlos Tevez, who was dismissed from the post on his first return to United, was in the first leg matchwinning and trolling form.

Gary Neville had said that before the game Tevez was not worth the £ 25m allegedly paid by the city. Tevez celebrated his equalizer as he told Neville to shut up. Neville killed the bird.

Richards and Fletcher place themselves under the headlights

Before the return leg, the FA wrote to both clubs asking them to calm their players from a potentially volatile game. It did not work.

Craig Bellamy was hit by a rocket and a glass bottle just missed him in front of the K-booth. It also got hot, between Micah Richards and Darren Fletcher on a night in which United lifted the 2-1 deficit to 4-3 to win.

Rafael gives a talk on Tevez

A picture that made Rafael da Silva popular with the United fans. His adrenaline-charged talk in front of Carlos Tevez in November 2010 was omnipresent on Twitter avatars for months.

However, it could not hide a shabby derby.

Scholes leaves Zabaleta in a pile

With the breakthrough of Yaya Toure and the sudden dominance of City, Paul Scholes was frustrated with mastering a knee-deep challenge that toppled Pablo Zabaleta into a heap and strengthened City's control of the 2011 FA Cup semi-final.

Balotelli is united in Wembley

Mario Balotelli, like Carlos Tevez last year, could not resist rubbing a City triumph on the faces of United fans. During his full time, he rushed to United fans who held the city shirt, and drew the annoying attention of Rio Ferdinand, Anderson and Patrice Evra.

Roberto Mancini intervened quickly, followed by David Platt.

Mancini appears against Ferguson

A significant moment in the Derby's story had marked Ferguson City manager from Brian Little over Alan Ball to Mark Hughes. In Mancini, however, he met a man who was perhaps more fiery than he.

Her tantrum in the crucial derby of 2012 proved that City Ferguson had left rattling in the awareness of her ascent.

Zabaleta meets Fellaini's elbow

In the time of City's golden age in Derby times, United fans forced 3: 0 at United in Old Trafford in March 2014. Some fans from the southern United States had to turn against Ferguson because they were David Moyes One night from Pablo Zabaleta to Pablo Zabaleta had invited his elbow.

Stewards prevent Reds from demolishing Moye's banner on Derby Night

The devastating defeat, just weeks after Liverpool scored the same score on United's turf, was too much for some Reds in the second row of Stretford End. The stewards had to protect the botched "The Chosen One" banner to keep it from being pulled down.

Kompany starts in blind

Kompany has left its mark on Daley Blind 2015
Kompany has left its mark on Daley Blind 2015

Chris Smalling looked red in the first derby for two "stupid" yellow cards, but Vincent Kompany angered United fans with his overzealous challenge to Daley Blind.

Kompany fought for form and received a yellow card and was addicted at halftime.

Rio Ferdinand is hit by a coin

As Robin van Persie's free kick in December 2012 Etihad scored a brutal victory against United, the United players celebrated wildly before the away end.

It was not well received by the local fans – the celebrations of Rio Ferdinand were abruptly ended by a coin that struck him over his eyes. Ferdinand would later tweet, "Whoever threw that coin, what a shot! I can not believe it was a Copper 2 … could have been at least a 1 pound coin!"

Another Blue ran to the field to try to get to Rio Ferdinand when he was taken to treatment, but he slipped on the way, then was grabbed by Joe Hart and finally carried away from the laughter of the Reds.

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