44mm Apple Watch SE, on sale at Amazon for less than 300 euros

When Apple announced its Watch SE, it was a logical move. After all, the most modern and recent Apple Watch have prices that are very high, although in the end it compensates the investment, but there is still a market for those users with less purchasing power.

The price of the Apple Watch SE is already much more affordable than that of its older brothers, especially if, as now, you can get it on sale, and it is that Amazon has lowered it a little further than usual. Its 44mm version happens to cost only 299 euros.

It is a modest discount, yes, but one that breaks the psychological barrier of 300 euros, below which it is not normal for us to see this Apple model, especially in the 44mm edition, much more expensive than the 40mm one.

Apple Watch SE for 299 euros

There are many reasons why this model is worth it. Here you can see some of them, although basically it is a model similar to the Series 6 but without an electrocardiogram and some of the latest functions that have come to Apple watches.

Having said that, yes you have Apple Pay with NFC to pay in stores, in addition to all the sports functions of these smartwatches, such as GPS and advanced measurement of physical values.

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The price difference with respect to more recent models is quite large, and in this case the Watch SE does have the latest version of watchOS with long-term updates, something that practically guarantees many years of support and functionalities.

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Of course, as is usual in Amazon orders that exceed 29 euros in price, you do not have to pay shipping costs to any part of Spain. If you also take the opportunity to sign up for the free trial month of Amazon Prime, you will receive it in just 1-2 business days.

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