5 entertainment apps you should download

The device Apple TV has become one of the best technology tools, thanks to the vast number of channels, Applications and other software tools that allow you to spend hours in front of a smart TV.

As mentioned previously, the Apple TV device allows you to have more dynamism when browsing a Smart TV. With countless applications that facilitate the consumption of this exclusive entertainment tool from Apple.

The portable device has multiple applications. Photo: Unsplash

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Twitch is a popular platform streaming that allows access to millions of user channels that transmit all kinds of content. From video games to movies or any type of content. It is one of the most popular apps.


One of the applications that cannot be missing on the Apple TV device is the most famous video platform internationally YouTube. After the release of the version of the Apple TV 4K HDR, this video platform has become one of the most popular options.

One of the most ergonomic and functional devices on the market. Photo: Unsplash

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VLC Media Player

While Apple TV is packed with smart features, there is still a set of enhancements that are not available. Lacking ports, an alternative to transmit all kinds of content from a computer MacOS or one Windows is the application VLC Media Player.

Watch for Instagram

Without a doubt, a platform to view videos, photos and Stories is Instagram, which has an edition to view all the contents from the Apple TV device in a larger format. It is the ideal option for users who enjoy this platform of entertainment,

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Udemy is an application that serves as a means of learning different topics. From health issues to exercise or nutritional routines or any other discipline. Udemy has more than 80,000 video courses on different topics.


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