5 looks with snow boots, perfect for cold days

  • It’s been a while since snow boots stopped being just to wear in the snow and have become an ideal complement for day to day.

  • In this way, you can follow the trend and, in addition, be comfortable and fashionable during an outing with friends or on a work day.

The snow boots they are here to stay. This style of skier is on the rise and has become essential for everyday life due to its comfort and, also, because it keeps our feet out of the cold. Thanks to its sole, more than resistant, and its lined interior, the feet are will keep warm throughout the day. Therefore, it is time to get rid of the fact that snow boots are only suitable for when we go skiing, since we can give you many more opportunities, creating an original look while comfortable. But, Which are the most successful currently?

The ‘Moon Boot’, the fashionable boots

If we take a look at social networks, the favorite snow boots of our influencers are the ‘Moon Boot’. It is a shoe that incorporates grips, which are inspired by the lunar galoshes, that is, in those thick-soled shoes that the Apollo 11 astronauts wore in 1969. The person who created these shoes was the Italian Giancarlo Zanatta, an Italian shoemaker who visited New York and was fascinated with the technology used to make the boots of these professionals who participated in the special mission.

The favorites of Ana Moya and Paula Echevarría

Thus, in the early 70s, the ‘Moon Boot’ emerged and became the perfect complement to many famous people of the time, such as Linda and Paul McCartney. And, to this day, these padded boots have become the favorite boots of many celebrities, such as Ana moya. The young influencer wore her ‘Moon Boot’ in the great snowfall of Madrid along with a jumpsuit in black, red and white tones. He finished the look with a most wintery hat.

Another famous woman who has been dazzled with this type of boots is Paula Echevarría. Like Ana, the young woman opted for the white variety of ‘Moon Boot’. It should be noted that we can find them on their website in an infinity of colors. Pau Eche combined the boots with a coat in white and red along with some black leggings. The truth is that it is a most ideal look for that snowy day that he enjoyed with little Daniella.

Rosanna Zanetti, like a girl in the snow

Another of our celebrities who gave us a style lesson during the big snowfall in Madrid was Rosanna Zanetti. The Venezuelan model opted for a model of Panama Jack in brown lined inside. Thus, the young woman combined them with leggings, a wide ocher sweater and a ‘lumberjack’ style jacket in red and black. The truth is that her choice was highly praised on social networks, where the model showed that she had spent the day with her family enjoying the snow.

Meghan Markle and Angelina Jolie: urban style with snow boots

When she lived in Canada, Meghan Markle always went for her snow boots.divinity.es

If we want to opt for other styles, we can look at Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex is a great fan of this type of footwear, which she used to wear when she lived in Canada and he maintained a more calm and anonymous life. Thus, it was normal to see the young woman doing different errands, together with her dog, wearing her favorite boots, from the brand Sorel. In addition, he combined them with skinny jeans and a down coat.

Also, Angelina Jolie has proclaimed herself a big fan of this type of footwear.

Also, Angelina Jolie has proclaimed herself a big fan of this type of footwear.divinity.es

Another of our celebrities who really likes that more urban style is Angelina Jolie. Right after her split from Brad Pitt, the actress went to spend a few days off with her offspring. Thus, we could see the protagonist of Sr. y Sra. Smith with her two young children and wearing a totally snowy look. The jacket opted for a coat, with a fur detail on the hood, thermal pants and, also, snow boots. The truth is that this accessory became the star of her look.


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