PHOENIX, AZ – On the heels of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is Giving Tuesday, tomorrow, December 3. Giving Tuesday falls on the first Tuesday in December since its inception in 2012 and describes it as a "Global Generosity Movement," to help people and organizations "change their communities and the world". We can help companies around the world by typing a URL and pressing a few keys on the keyboard, but we can make a difference locally, right here in Phoenix. Here are 5 Phoenix nonprofit organizations that invite the public to think about making a donation on Giving Tuesday.

  1. Every donation on Tuesday to the Phoenix Children's Hospital On December 3, a triple match will be held with the permission of the Arizona Cardinals and the Arizona Coyotes. This means that your donation will be three times higher to provide more children with first class care at the Phoenix Children's Hospital, according to the hospital's Facebook page. The Phoenix Children's Hospital has been focusing since 1983 on providing healing, hope and quality care to children and their families. To make a donation, visit the website.
  2. The Phoenix Dream Center is Mission is to rescue and rebuild survivors of human trafficking. An organization spokesperson reported that Facebook is forwarding all Giving Tuesday donations to the Center from 5:00 am Pacific time / 8:00 am Eastern time on December 3. The Phoenix Dream Center also offers shared housing for "families in the care crisis" and adolescent aging out of the care system while promoting independence through spiritual food and faith support groups. They also serve the homeless population and provide assistance with search recovery. To learn more about the Phoenix Dream Center or to make a Giving Tuesday donation, visit their website.
  3. Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels wants to bring "dignity and comfort in the rough world of cancer in children and other life-threatening diseases," it says on the website of the organization. The nonprofit organization Phoenix strives to achieve this by helping families to have more choices and a voice in the healthcare system. They aim to encourage medical staff to provide children with personalized health care and empower children and families. Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels also provides soothing gifts for children with cancer or blood-related illnesses. You can read more about Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels or donate via this link.
  4. U.S. VETS-Phoenix has been helping veterans with temporary and permanent accommodation since December 2001. The organization also financially supports veterans' families. US.VETS-Phoenix also provides case management, employment activities, meals, as well as group and individual counseling to approximately 1,200 veterans. Learn more about the organization on their website or donate online on Tuesday.
  5. Phoenix Animals Benefit Club is a nonprofit emergency shelter housing many animals that have been rejected by other animal facilities for rehabilitation and medical treatment, according to its website. The organization also rescues homeless cats and dogs from the streets of Phoenix. The Animals Benefit Club is financed by grants and donations and is run 100% by volunteers. The organization is holding a fundraising campaign for Giving Tuesday T-shirts until 3 December. To purchase a Giving Tuesday T-shirt, visit their online store.