5 tricks when buying a new iPhone

Apple’s strategy when it comes to selling a new iPhone model is always the same. A week before its release, users can reserve the device through its online store.

It is an essential step, whether you are going to go to an Apple Store to get it or if you want to have it delivered to your home. And if you are not attentive and quick, you could have to wait several days to receive your new iPhone.

For that reason, today we bring you 5 tips to be able to reserve the new iPhone without problems and have it first.

Tips when buying a new iPhone

Use the Apple Store app

Our main advice is to buy the iPhone directly from Apple through its online store. But there are two ways to access this store: through the web and from your app.

It is highly recommended that you use the official application of the Apple Store, for some reason it is faster than the web and does not usually have drops or slowdowns, it may assume you receive your iPhone on launch day or not.

In case you cannot buy it from Apple, use any of the official partner distributors, who usually follow a similar strategy.

Try to buy it as soon as possible

Check the schedule set by Apple, for some years the company has been launching globally at the same time, a time that is set at 2:00 p.m. in our country, but that can change with each release. Set an alarm or whatever, but you have to get in first.

iPhone 12 reservations

Be clear about the model you want to choose

This is essential, you must be clear about what model of iPhone you want and its specifications, both internal storage and color. The models with less storage and new colors are often the first to sell outIf this is your case, you must be very clear about it.

Verify that Apple has your correct data

Both from the Apple Store app and from the web you can access your data to verify that everything is correct, it is especially important that the shipping address is correctly filled in and that your card is active. This will save you time when buying the new iPhone.

Usa Apple Pay

One of the advantages of using the app is that payment can be very fast thanks to Apple Pay, in just a few seconds it will be completed. From the web you can also use Apple Pay, and although it is not as fast as from the app, it is faster than entering your card details.

Apple Pay iPhone

Surely following these tips you can get your new iPhone first and receive it on the day of its release, you will be the first to enjoy it.

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