52% of Republicans believe Trump is the legitimate winner

Conspiracy theories are part of the American genetic code. According to historians, the independence movement of the British colony arose from a hoax.

The expression “alternative facts” was not invented by the Trump administration.

In the United States there are still people who believe that Elvis Presley has not died, that man has not stepped on the moon, that the president Kennedy anyone could kill him except his murderer, who 9/11 attack consisted of a work from within, which Barack Obama is he african and terrorist or that he kill her at school Sandy Hook, in Newtown (Connecticut), was a staging to confiscate weapons.

Since the early hours of November 4, another conspiracy has been underway, fostered by what should be the moral beacon of the nation. President Trump He had already warned that his defeat in the elections would be exclusively due to fraud in the vote by mail or in the recount.

The footprint of a mandate

Confidence in the cleanliness of the elections falls seven points compared to 2016

Despite the fact that a report from his administration indicated that these elections have been the cleanest in history and that the courts are denying his demands, Trump still does not recognize Joe Biden as the winner, incessantly spreading falsehoods. His speech, channeled through Twitter, has permeated his own. A Reuters-Ipsos poll indicates that Trump’s defiance of the truth, questioning that Biden has surpassed him in the popular vote (79.2 million by 73.4) and in the electoral (306 votes by 232), it’s hurting public confidence, especially among conservatives.

Overall, 73% of those surveyed say Biden is the winner, versus 5% who think Trump is. But Republicans suspect a robbery. 52% of these say that Trump “won legitimately.” This figure drops to 29% compared to its rival.

Obama warns

The idea is growing that “not only do we not have to tell the truth, but it doesn’t matter”

68% of Republicans are concerned that the election was rigged. Only 16% of Democrats and a third of independents believe it. The poll was conducted from November 13 to 17, when the president’s efforts to distort the polls fell on deaf ears.

The consequence of this survey is aligned with others, such as the one from the Pew Research Center a couple of months ago. Their poll found that around a third of Republican voters viewed Covid-19 as a disease planned or invented to undermine Trump’s accomplishments.

While waiting for the official certification of the electoral result, the president is locked in the White House spreading his grievances and without mentioning the expansion of the pandemic at all, as if it did not exist. In the country, the record of 100,000 admitted to hospitals has been registered, with more than 11.3 million infected and the milestone of 250,000 deaths has been reached.

The US has reached the milestone of 250,000 dead

Faced with the neglect of his duties, the experts of his administration warned that, if this continues, this Christmas there could be an average of 2,000 deaths per day in the United States.

During this tenure, the QAnon conspiracy has taken shape. This kind of sect maintains that Trump has come to liberate the world from the “deep state”, in which a conspiracy of liberals and intelligence services has a network of sex trafficking in minors.

This context has left its mark. In the Reuters-Ipsos poll, 55% expressed their belief that the November 3 elections were “legitimate and correct.” They are seven points less than the answer to the same question in 2016. 28% insisted that the result includes illegal votes, 12% more than the other time.

Barack Obama, the predecessor in the White House, summed it up this way in an interview on the show 60 Minutes from CBS.

“What we have seen – he stressed – is what some people call the decline of the truth, something that has accelerated with the outgoing president, the idea that not only we must not tell the truth, but that the truth does not matter” .

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