$ 6.6 Million Worth Apple Kit Captured in Highway Heist

UK police are searching for a gang of thieves after they raided a truck carrying Apple products worth around $ 6.6 million.

In what appears to have been a carefully planned robbery, the thieves stopped the truck on a ramp connected to the busy M1 motorway in Northamptonshire, about 70 miles northwest of London.

They then tied up the driver and the security guard, took the truck to a location a short distance away, and transferred the trailer to another truck before leaving, leaving the two victims behind.

The trailer was later found abandoned and empty about seven miles north of the ramp where the robbery began.

The dramatic raid took place on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 10, although the police have just made the details public.

“The truck was later found across the county border in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, where the criminals are believed to have transferred the 48 pallets of Apple products to a third vehicle,” investigators said in their report on the incident.

There is no information on the specific items that were stolen from the truck, although the raid took place with Apple currently marketing its latest phone, the iPhone 12. The loot could also include Macs, iPads, Apple watches, HomePods, AirPods, and various manufactured accessories. by the tech giant.

With their high retail price and popularity with consumers, Apple products can sell well on the black market. In fact, those investigating last week’s crime said they are eager to speak to anyone who has been offered an Apple product for sale in unusual circumstances, or who knows of someone who is selling such items at lower prices. usual.

The heist is reminiscent of an even more daring raid involving Apple products a few years ago that involved a thief climbing from a van onto a truck carrying iPhones as both vehicles sped down a highway in the Netherlands.

The gang reportedly drove the van to the rear of the target truck. One of the perpetrators then climbed onto the hood of the truck before forcing himself into the back of the truck and delivering iPhones worth a total of $ 500,000 to his accomplices through a hole in the roof of the truck.

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