62 Citations Issued for Violating Restrictions in Areas of COVID-19 Rebound; about $ 150 thousand in fines – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – Fines issued from Friday through Sunday afternoon to people who violated New York’s new restrictions on banning mass gatherings in areas designated as red and yellow due to COVID-19 are already adding up. at least $ 150,000, New York City reported on its twitter page.

City agents issued subpoenas to five religious institutions located in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn for violating the city health code by holding a gathering of more than 10 people; each violation carries a fine of $ 15,000.

Since the restrictions began on Friday, law enforcement personnel have served 62 citations in color-coded areas as COVID-19 spike locations, according to the city.

Of the COVID-19 test results obtained Saturday from the state’s red zones, Governor Andrew Cuomo said 170, or 5.74 percent, tested positive. The previous week’s average for red zones reached 6.13 percent, slightly down from 6.91 percent the previous week, according to state reports.

Law enforcement continued outside the COVID-19 spike zones as well. Police arrested four people early Sunday morning and issued 13 subpoenas for criminal court at a Queens party.

According to Sheriff Fucito, social media posts informed officers about a party at Cunningham Park during its closing hours. At least 100 people were at the party, plus a DJ and security, he said.

With the new measures, fines of up to $ 15,000 per day are applied for violations of the mass gathering rules; and in the areas determined as red, they are completely prohibited. Twenty-five percent capacity or a 10-person cap applies in places of worship, while schools will hold their remote classes and nonessential businesses have closed their doors. Fines of up to $ 1,000 a day accompany physical distancing and mask-wearing violations, and Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that people who don’t follow the rules will face consequences.

The orange and yellow grouping zone areas have varying restrictions, though schools can only stay in person, with weekly COVID-19 testing mandatory. The new restrictions are in effect for at least two weeks; they won’t pick up until the infection rate trend returns to the numbers New York has seen this summer.

New York’s restrictions, which apply to clusters in Brooklyn and Queens, as well as Orange, Rockland and Broome counties, cover only about 6 percent of the state’s total population, the governor said. The most severe restrictions, which apply to areas of the regrowth red zone, cover only 2.8 percent of the state’s population. That same 2.8 percent accounts for 20 percent of the state’s daily cases, Cuomo said, and the infection rate in those red areas alone is above 6 percent.

The governor has launched an aggressive and targeted testing strategy targeting those red zone areas, along with 20 access point zip codes that have seen positivity rates rise in recent weeks. While the overall infection rate remains low, total COVID-19 hospitalizations are reaching recent highs both across the State and in the City.

Cuomo reported 820 total hospitalizations in New York on Sunday, six fewer than the day before.


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