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Visit Turkey: 7 tips for your trip

Turkey is a country in Western Asia that also has territory in Southern Europe. Its capital is Ankara, but a large part of the population is concentrated in Estambul, the heart of Turkey and also its center economic, cultural and historical. El turkish is the idiom official, although it is not the only one used, since the Kurdish language and Arabic are also spoken. If you are planning to travel to Turkey, we offer you 7 tips to organize the perfect trip and have an unforgettable stay.

The accommodation ideal

Before flying you must make a plan to know where to stay to sleep. Accounts with various optionsions in Istanbul and the rest of the cities in Turkeyto. Make a reservation Thenline of a room or of a apartment, to save time and be able to read the comments of the travelers who were in the same place. Turkey count with one wide range of accommodation for all budgets and, although prices have increased in recent years, it is possible to find affordable prices. Compare different offers and choose the one better.

You speak Turkish?

Take advantage of this experience to know the turkish language basic. It is important that you start studying before traveling to Turkey, where most of the population He only speaks Turkish. Learn the most important phrases like greetings, expressions to express your basic needs and the frequently asked questionsentities that you need to memorize. You can use apps o platforms online What Chat for start studying the turkish language from home, before your trip. Learn Basic Turkish, in addition to being useful for your trip, it can be fun, and challenging for self-improvement.

Necessary documents

Lot vTravelers from many countries are admittedtwo in Turkey without a visa to travel as a tourist. Si am spanishol and you want to make a short stay, sYou will only need your passport as an identity document. See if necessary that you have travel insurance with accident coverage in Turkey, as well as medical documents or vaccination cards that validate your health. Remember that your passport must be valid for at least six months before its expiration so that you will not have any problems if your trip is prolonged.

Travels Safely

The next tip has to do withn security: dYou must watch over your integrity and that of your family. Beware of scams in Istanbul, as recognizing that you are a tourist, you could be the victim of excessive price charges when you go to pay for taxis, food or accommodation. It is best to keep a moderate profile. Supervise everyoneto the family, especially if travelss with children. Hoh to be alert especially on the street, during walks. Be careful with the intentions of the descunknown if you are traveling alone.

The Baggage

Take clothes to Turkey suitable for the stationn and the temperature of the area. It’s necessary that optimize the space of the suitcase, so you can have more things in less space. Bring light clothing so you don’t have to carry extra weight if you need to move around the city with your luggage. Remember that it is essential that totwo family members have comfortable shoes, so they can walk long distances without getting tired.

El public transport

If you don’t want to pay for taxis every time you visit the city, you can also take advantage of public transport. Weajar by bus, for less than 1 euro, is a safe option and economical. However, acwe advise to use public transport during the day, and a taxi after midnight. If you are lookingit’s something really cheap, has tos try the ddead, nailvans what they travel all over the country. They can stop anywhere if you indicate it, although there are official stops.

Beware of traffic

If you have never traveled to Turkey, you may be surprised by the country’s traffic. You must be an experienced driver to manage your vI went on the road next to turkish drivers, whatthey tend to drive at a high speed, The to the motorists who do not respect the waiting time for the traffic light. If you don’t thinkdo rent a car in Turkey, you should stay alert, since being a pedestrian on the main avenues you could run into a bad driver.

With these tips, useful for your next trip, you will not have problems, and you can enjoy a quiet and pleasant stay. You just need to pack your suitcase and book the best trip for this incredible destination.

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