Nine intersections along one of the busiest roads in Leicestershire could be redesigned to tackle congestion and air pollution as part of a GBP 49 ​​million offer.

County Leicestershire asks for 3.5 billion pounds of government funding to solve the traffic-related problems on the 11-mile A511 route from Ashby de la Zouch to the J22 of the M1.

The large-scale residential development in the region and the rapid expansion of the distribution warehouses in the region have put the key route under pressure.

Cabinet member of County Hall for Transport and the Environment, Councilor Blake Pain, presented details of the bid at a recent meeting.

He said, "It is a really serious problem, and we are fully aware of the hotspot in Northwest Leicestershire.

"We have problems with particles, nitrogen dioxide and CO2 emissions.

The A511 Coalville Growth Corridor

"It's the only offer in the East Midlands that passes on Midlands Connect to the government.

"It will improve nine junctions on the A511.

"We know that Northwest Leicestershire is developing a thriving logistics industry – Amazon has just settled there.

"We need to create additional capacity to address the bottlenecks and air quality problems that arise from the encouraging growth in the region, but we need to mitigate the impact.

"That's why we submitted the offer.

"It will not solve all the problems, but we will do our utmost to provide as much resources as possible for North West Leicestershire to address these issues."

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Traffic and travel – what you need to know

Terri Eynon, Coalville County Councilor, said, "It's good to hear that the A511 is improving as capacity increases. One of the problems we have on the ground is that, according to RAC, we are one of the ten best districts at national level Driving to work by car.

"We have very bad connectivity."

County councilor Dan Harrison, who represents Ibstock and Appleby, said: "Northwest Leicestershire is the worst area in all of Leicestershire.

"It's really bad.

"I'm still not convinced that this is a really serious problem.

"From Coalville there is a route through the northwest of Leicestershire where the air is heavily polluted.

"I'm absolutely helpless what to do and who to talk to.

"I talked to the (district) health director and he can not help me.

"Where on earth can we get help and try to do something?"

If the offer is successful, a new road – the Bardon Link Road – would create a north-south route via Coalville.

Simon Statham, head of the technical department of Midlands Connect, said: "This is a really ambitious proposal from the Leicestershire County Council, which provided convincing evidence that this program will help create new jobs and housing, access to East Airport Midlands and major employers such as Amazon to improve and Bardon Hill Quarry and improve air quality by reducing congestion. "