9punkt – The Debate Review from May 4th, 2021 | Thomas Chatterton Williams in the SZ on the idea of ​​color blindness

In addition to the state, one population group in particular bears the costs of the corona pandemic – the Self-employed, writes the film director Achim Michael Hasenberg in the taz. The permanent employees, on the other hand, were not wounded in their hair. Unlike in the first lockdown, there is also much less short-time work. The public service With reference to his systemic relevance, even treated himself to a five percent salary increase. Hasenberg hits you Solos for the self-employed before: “It would be fairer if each and every employed person, regardless of whether they are employed or self-employed, share an equal percentage of the costs of the pandemic and unite low single digit percentage would give up on income. This pandemic contribution would be deducted from the tax return. Anyone who suffered heavy losses during the pandemic pays a small percentage, but would get a larger portion back from the joint pot, up to 90 percent of the income from 2019 and until a certain total income is reached. This would prevent a low-income employee from financing a very high-income self-employed person. “

The Islamic headscarf is not neutral on it consists Ahmad Mansour im Daily mirror: “A threatening father, brother or husband does not always hide behind the decision to cover up. But always one more punitive, patriarchal Gott. Should a woman consciously decide to take off her headscarf, there is a risk of exclusion and sometimes breaking off contact. That freedom of religion also the Freedom from religion means is often forgotten in this context. That is incompatible with the basic principles of an enlightened society, with the right to self-development. “

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The Daily mirror recently has whole four Reporter scheduled for a long time, but not really able to capture anyone Research in old Twitterfeeds and Facebook entries of the “backers” and those involved in #seal everything. On Sunday he has with one second, almost as long article above “Faults within the film industry and one ominous mastermind from the unconventional thinker milieu “. This was written by Andreas Busche, Hannes Soltau and” Journalist: inside the research network Antischwurbler“. With the” mastermind “is well Paul Brandenburg meant, who sat on “Kaiser TV” on March 20, “a YouTube talk format by the author Gunnar Kaiser. Under the program title” It’s a catastrophe! ” talk about the ‘desire to restrict fundamental rights’ in the pandemic. What looks like a nice chat among like-minded people is another indication that the campaign #allesproof planned well in advance and followed a political agenda from the start. Brandenburg is an emergency physician, entrepreneur and founder of the ‘1bis19’ initiative, whose hundreds of supporters include actor Volker Bruch and director Dietrich Brüggemann. His interlocutor Kaiser already gives one on Facebook with leading questions sharp tone before: ‘Do older people who accept this (note: the corona measures) and happily accept it for a few more years of their own, then deserve these years of life?’ This is the point that often comes down to Kaiser and Brandenburg: Human life be against Liberty rights played out. “

In the world is a director Thomas Bohn visibly disgusted by this type of reporting, which reminds him of the McCarthy era:one guess to the other. There is talk of ‘upheavals’ in the industry, of’rumor‘Bigger names’ involved are reported. But ‘nobody wants to be named’ because ‘nobody dares’. But he dares Daily mirror. To Moritz Bleibtreu ‘the clues condense‘that he was’ involved in the action at an early stage’. And then a secret ‘source’ tells that Daily mirror Really bad: namely that no one in the scene would dare to name Bleibtreu as an ‘active recruiter’ for the action. Reason: ‘He’ll let you perhaps kick off the next project where it’s occupied. ‘ Something like this is popularly called Character assassination.”

In network policy reports Daniel Laufer: Babylon-Star Volker Bruch I submitted a membership application to the lateral thinker party “Die Basis”. “netzpolitik.org could one dated to mid-April Members list see, the actor’s preliminary membership number ends in ‘967’. March 13, 2021 is given as the starting date. According to the party’s media officer, David Claudio Siber, Bruch’s entry process has not yet been completed his identity still has to be verified according to an internal party process. New members would therefore first have to show their identity card in front of a webcam. It sounds as if this is more of a formality in the case of Bruch. Siber says you can already say with certaintythat the applicant was actually the actor. The membership list comes from a massive leakwhich became known last month. “

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In the world In addition, the official Gunnar Kaiser and his sister, the entrepreneur Heike-Melba Fendel talk about the whole page Coronaactivities (They are of divided opinion) and also about # sealing everything. Fendel says everything that needs to be said in a few sentences: “I consider the action to be vain and stupid and in its unsettling effect extremely destructive. Not only for my hysterical industry, but also for a society that is ready Take celebrities more seriouslythan their intellectual format allows. “


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