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The world of Call of Duty: Warzone just got bigger. With its recent integration into Black Ops Cold War and the start of season two, the Battle Royale has a new map in Rebirth Island and an expanded arsenal with the game’s additional weapon pool.

This means that you have well over 60 primary weapons to choose from in Battle Royale mode, and even more when you consider secondary weapons like launchers, pistols, and melee weapons. How is the meta influenced by Warzone, and which modern warfare-era weapons have been surpassed by their Cold War counterparts?

We have the full list of all seasons 1 Cold War war zone weapons and Season 2 weapons of the cold war here, but in this guide we’re only talking about the best of the bunch. Expect top streamers like Nick ‘NICKMERCS‘Kolcheff or Kristopher’ Swagg ‘Lamberson add these new Cold War weapons to their cargoes for these big buck tournaments.

So there you go, here are the best Call of Duty: Warzone weapons for Black Ops Cold War Season 2.

What are the best Warzone weapons?

These are the best Warzone weapons:

  • R9-0 shotgun
  • Weight
  • M16
  • RAM 7
  • Stoner 63
  • CR-56 AMAX
  • DMR-14
  • MP5 (Cold War)
  • MP5 (Modern Warfare)
  • MAC-10
  • LC10
  • FARA 83

R9-0 shotgun

The R9-0 has been a top notch weapon in Warzone for quite some time, and despite the recent influx of guns, the Pump Shotgun has managed to keep its place on our list. It can be equipped in a number of different ways, but Dragon’s Breath rounds can still keep your enemies dead at close range.

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The Kilo is one of the best all-round assault rifles in Warzone. With pinpoint accuracy and powerful magazine capacity, it’s difficult to find another assault rifle that can keep up with the kilo at medium to long range.


The M16 has been floating in and out of the meta for a while, but in Season 2 this rifle has become an absolute beast. If you take the time to specify the weapon with our best M16 Warzone Loadout As a guide, you can knock down a fully armored enemy in just a few bumps.


While there are some viable assault rifles in Warzone, the RAM-7 is an option for those of you who prefer a high rate of fire over ergonomics and range. The RAM-7 is perfect for near-mid-range combat where you need something stronger than an SMG.

Stoner 63

It wouldn’t be Warzone without an LMG beating you. Black Ops Cold War’s Stoner 63 made it to the top of our list and beat PKM and Bruen for having all of the benefits of an LMG but with great maneuverability and reload times. You will find the best Stoner Warzone Loadout exactly here.


Some of the largest streamers have been using the CR-56 AMAX for the past few weeks for good reason. The weapon is a hard hitting assault rifle that absolutely rips through enemies. The disadvantage? It has a pretty big kick, so if you plan to do this as your primary task, you should master its recoil. Check out our best CR-56 AMAX Warzone Loadout for inspiration.

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When it comes to accuracy and being able to hit your shots, the DMR-14 tactical rifle is one of the best weapons to use in Warzone right now. Thanks to the fast rate of fire and low damage decay, you can shoot two or three enemies from almost any distance. While it was “Nerfed”Still ridiculously overwhelmed, the DMR is arguably one of the best weapons in the entire game. Check out ours best DMR Warzone loadout for the optimal setup.


Both the Modern Warfare and Cold War versions of the MP5 are viewed as metaweapons in their respective multiplayers – something that carries over to Warzone. While each variant has different advantages and disadvantages, the MP5 is a fast-paced SMG that can be customized for every gamer. You can best find out MP5 Warzone Loadouts Click here.


What can we say about the MAC-10? Well, this fast-firing SMG is a complete monster and destroys people at close range faster than the MP5. Thanks to the accessory series of the MAC-10, it can also be adapted as the ultimate close-range, hip-fire, spray and prayer pistol for clearing rooms, or it can be built with surprising precision for a rapid-fire SMG. You will find the best MAC-10 Warzone loadout Click here.

NAGA firing a LC10 SMG equipped with a laser


The LC10 is new to Call of Duty: Warzone, but it has already been billed as one of the best SMGs Warzone has to offer. The best as an SMG with a long range LC10 Warzone Loadout is one of the most versatile weapons you can use in the battle royale arena because it works like an AR but has the mobility of an SMG.

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The FARA 83, which is also new this season, is definitely a meta-defining weapon. With the fastest bullet speed of any assault rifle in the game, this nifty weapon is a medium-range beast. It has an easily controllable recoil pattern, which makes it a top weapon for large fights. You can best find out FARA 83 Warzone Loadout Click here.

That’s it for our best Warzone weapons list. If your favorite weapon isn’t on the list, don’t worry – the meta is constantly evolving. We will keep this guide updated so you can get to Verdansk with the best possible load.

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