A British chief appeared in court after being arrested for murdering an Irish worker in a Costa del Sol pub.

Leigh Anthony Gardiner, 49, was arrested after allegedly attacking the father of a child, John Pender, of South Co Dublin, with two broken bottles, while he was using the toilets at Old Pogs. Irish Rock Pub.

The police alleges that the Irishman was attacked after politely asking the suspect to stop disturbing his wife and the partner of a friend with whom he was.

According to sources, witnesses reportedly told the police that the victim had been targeted as he was standing up and had no chance to defend himself because he had been stabbed in the neck and body. Many times.

The police who passed the pub where the crime was committed just before 2 am yesterday morning tried to save the life of the tourist, but he was completely drained of blood.

Gardiner, 49, appeared in court today following an incident on Friday.

He was on vacation with his wife Caroline McGuigan, founder of the Suicide or Survive charitable foundation, and their two children, Conor, 21, and Amy, 18, who were not in the pub at the time .

Mr. Pender, a trained acupuncturist trained in China, was a board member of his wife's charity.

The hearing was held behind closed doors, as usual in Spain, where only justice and the press are open and it was not immediately established whether the accused had agreed to be questioned by a judge of the case. instruction or refused to answer questions.

The expat, head chef in a well-known holiday resort on the Costa del Sol and residing in Mijas, near Fuengirola, bowed his head and said nothing while he was being taken away.

Gardiner, also a father of two, was remanded in custody pending an ongoing criminal investigation.

A court official said: "The Fuengirola Court of Investigation No. 2, acting as a guard court and at the request of the prosecutors, ordered the pre-trial detention of the man arrested yesterday morning after the death. of a man in prison. the city.

"He is currently under investigation for suspicion of murder."

John Pender, 53, was assaulted with a bottle of broken beer, police say

A source close to the investigation said that the suspect had no criminal record in Spain and that he had been alone for a few days because his wife and children had gone on vacation to the island. 39; abroad.

After his arrest, a spokesman for the Spanish National Police said: "National police officers arrested a 49-year-old British man in Malaga early this morning for his alleged involvement in the death of an elderly Irishman 53 years old in a city pub.

"The victim received cuts to the neck and other parts of the body with a bottle of broken beer.

"The incident occurred around 1:50 am in the washroom of the Irish pub.

"The victim was attacked by surprise in the men's bathroom.

Mr. Pender worked for a suicide-prevention charity near his home in Shankill, South Dublin.

"The medical workers could not do anything to save the victim, who died on the scene.

"The Briton has been arrested for murder and is currently being held at the Fuengirola Police Station."

A neighbor of the deceased in Shankill described the victim as a "fantastic and friendly man and a nice giant".

Music Bar Pogs near Fuengirola Waterfront

The neighbor said, "He would do anything for you. If it was bad weather, he would often come to see me to see if I needed anything in the store.

Formal accusations in Spain are only made shortly before the trial.

It is believed that the suspect was officially declared an "investigator" after his appearance in court, which literally means that he is being formally investigated on suspicion of a crime.

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