TThe body of a British hiker disappeared in the mountains of northern Greece was found by search and rescue teams.

The man, baptized Robert Frome, 26, apparently fell into a throat while walking in the mountains of Pinde, in northwestern Greece, near the Albanian border.

The paralegal assistant had disappeared since Sunday, the search being hampered by the fact that his mobile phone was off.

If the phone had been turned on, the rescuers could have located his position thanks to his signal.

His father went missing after the young man did not return to the hotel where they lived in Konitsa.

His car was found in the village of Mikro Papigo Monday night.

Extensive research involving Greek helicopters, rescue workers and sniffer dogs has found his body on the slopes of a ravine.

An operation was launched Thursday to try to recover his body, with the participation of a helicopter of the Greek Navy with specialized rescuers on board.

But the steep terrain meant that the effort had to be canceled.

"We saw from a helicopter that there is a body in the ravine," a spokeswoman for the Greek police told The Telegraph.