A canary asks for help to leave London with her twins

According to Cadena SER, a Canarian woman asks for help to be able to leave the United Kingdom with her babies, two twins only 6 months old. Cristina Padrón, a Gran Canaria nurse living in London, asks for help to be able to return to Spain with her children after half a year without being able to leave the country.

Their children, according to the aforementioned media, were born in the middle of the pandemic so their mother has not been able to get them to have Spanish nationality. Therefore the babies are British, like their father, which prevents them from entering Spanish territory.

Spain decided on December 22 to suspend inbound flights from the United Kingdom to prevent the entry of the new strain of coronavirus, which is much more aggressive and faster in its spread.

This causes Cristina, as a Spanish citizen, to return to Spain but leaving her children behind, according to Cadena SER.


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