A canine officer from the Lake County Sheriff is congratulated by the Lincolnshire police for helping to catch a taxi driver who struck early Saturday morning.

The Lincolnshire police were rushed to the intersection of Westwood Lane and Riverwoods Road at 2:11 am for a vehicle to crash into a tree, according to Lincolnshire Police spokeswoman Kimberly. Covelli.

Once on the scene, the police could not locate the driver who had fled on foot. Lake County Canine Officer, Dax, and his deputy, MP John Forlenza, were called to help the local police. Covelli said that Dax had found a scent and followed it up to a house located in the 2,700 block of Edgewood Lane in Riverwoods, about a mile away.

At home, the police found Esmeralda Galan, 23, from Schaumburg. Police said that Galan was an acquaintance of the occupants of the house and that he had run after the accident.

Galan refused medical treatment and was arrested. She is charged with failing to report an accident, driving an uninsured motor vehicle and using the lane inappropriately, Covelli said.