a car with a strange wood from Hawaii

Rolls-Royce has just given something to talk about again for the materials they use in their cars, and that is that they have presented a new version of the Phantom that has a strange wood from Hawaii, and at Automexico.com we tell you everything.

When we talk about high-luxury cars, one of the first brands that come to mind is Rolls-Royce. Now the British have just introduced a new version of the Phantom that includes a peculiarity that surely will not go down well with environmentalists: it integrates a wood of Please, a species that only grows in the paradise of Hawaii.

The model in question is named Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom, and on the outside it looks like any other Rolls-Royce Phantom: truly elegant and refined. But inside is where we find the strange and scarce material described above, the wood of Please from Hawaii.

It is a car with a unique style inside

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor CarsHe said that it is an honor for them to present this example that joins a truly remarkable collection of automobiles in history. The Koa Phantom, he stressed, demonstrates the extraordinary level of skill of the brand’s materials department in integrating such a rare and scarce material in a masterful way inside the Phantom.

The brand official said it took more than three years to bring this project to life, and they are confident that this very special specimen will take a really important place in a collection.

The collection to which this copy of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Its the Jack Boyd Smith Jr., a renowned collector and luxury car enthusiast who will now have at Please Phantom in your garage. According to the brand, this car was created after a three-year collaboration involving designers, engineers and craftsmen in England.

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Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom

Reflects the love for unique cars, they say

The work carried out by the team, they highlighted, reflects their personality and love for unique cars destined to mark epoch, and this specimen will join the collection of Jack Boyd Smith, being exhibited in his museum.

Leaving the collector aside, Rolls-Royce stressed that the Koa Phantom It is the first specimen to incorporate this type of wood from a tree that grows only in Hawaii, United States. Wood is recognized for transmitting a family atmosphere, which will now be present in the Koa Phantom.

The tree of Please, reported in Rolls-Royce, grows only in Hawaii, and is protected by the state and the United States National Parks Body. The tree of Please It can only be felled in private areas, and that is why this event takes on special relevance: “finding” a piece of wood from Please It is not a simple thing, they indicated in a statement.

The British brand’s wood specialists, reported, had to negotiate with a supplier to obtain the piece of wood, and it is a material that has a unique appearance, which creates a visual effect of velvet. Wood craftsmen who work for Rolls-Royce accepted the challenge of preserving the texture within the Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom

More than 500 hours of work were invested for the integration of this material in the luxurious car

In total, the work of bringing this wood inside the Rolls-Royce Phantom, they detailed, it took more than 500 hours, and with this they have managed to create a unique vehicle in its class, with a truly difficult material to obtain, and with a truly unusual appearance, but that will surely become one of the most precious jewels of the collection of Boyd Smith Jr., even if this means exploiting one of the most limited trees on the planet.

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