A document details how much the Epic Games Store would have paid for its free games

In the framework of the beginning of the trial between Epic Games and Apple, a document was released that would reveal part of the expenses that the company has made. Epic Games Store to deliver their popular free games.

Through Twitter, the writer Simon Carless shared a legal document that would have been revealed prematurely in the framework of the Epic Games lawsuit against the creators of the Iphone.

This document is basically a table that shows how much Epic Games paid for each of the 38 titles it offered for free through your store between December 2018 and September 2019.

In this sense, although the values ​​are still striking, the most important crossing of this information is in relation to the sixth column, where the number of new accounts created on the Epic Games Store from the offer of each of those games.

Thus, for example, it can be seen that although $ 1.4 million was paid for Subnautica, the game that gave rise to these types of promotions, was still a good investment for the Epic Games Store because it attracted more than 800 thousand accounts new to the owners store Fortnite.

That is, Epic Games paid just over a dollar for each new account, ensuring a flow of users that is obviously the goal of these types of offers.

As these data contemplate until 2019 it is still unknown how much Epic Games paid for the most recent and popular offers from its store such as Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Y GTA V. However, as the trial between that company and Apple will extend for several more days, we could learn more information about it soon.

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