A documentary will explore the disaster of the Star Wars Christmas special

A documentary will explain why and how the infamous Star Wars Christmas special was made.

Now that Disney has released the first trailer for the LEGO Star Wars special dedicated to Christmas, it is worth remembering another Christmas special from the George Lucas saga that has remained as one of the most infamous products of the galactic franchise.

Neither Star Wars fans nor the actors who participated in it dare to remember the Star Wars Holiday Special which premiered on CBS back in 1987, just after A New Hope and in full production of The Empire Strikes Back, and which has only been broadcast on television once as it horrified both the specialized press and the public alike. general.

But why was this estar wars christmas special? That is the question Jeremy Coon and Steve Koza asked themselves to move forward el documental A Disturbance in the Force that seeks to find an explanation for everything that went wrong in this television product that no one else has wanted to talk about and that can only be found on the internet, thanks to those astute fans who decided to record it when it was broadcast the only time.

“Most people focus on how bad the Christmas special is but they don’t go any further. Our movie is not going to be 90 minutes of indulging in this failed product because nobody wants to see that. we delve into the search and we uncover layers as if it were an onion of why and how this Christmas special happened “, explained Coon in an interview with io9.

Although the film is still in the editing process, the directors promise big surprises for the fans, including more than 15 hours of recordings of interviews with dozens of people who participated in this film, talking about it, such as the late Peter Mayhew, or Leonard Ripps, the screenwriter of the tape who remembers that George Lucas told him that in that Han Solo was married to a Wookiee at the time.


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