A family cruise on the Danube with Uniworld

Iit was almost midnight and we were sailing serenely along the Danube on a warm July evening under a full moon.

I should have enjoyed the moment, but I was increasingly worried as I rummaged in the boat for my teenage twin daughters who had vanished after leaving their room cards in the bar and, more worryingly, their beloved cell phones.

On a 124-passenger ship, I wouldn’t have thought this was possible, but after 20 minutes of searching, I warned the security officer who scanned the boat’s cameras to no avail.

The mystery was solved when other guests told me they had heard Dani and Holly’s British accents in a large group of American families sitting in a dark, unlit area of ​​the upper deck. I had noticed the dark figures before, but it hadn’t occurred to me that the girls would be with them as they had never talked to this family before. When I politely protested, I was chastised for being “a helicopter parent”!

But I was glad that they made friends on this family-centered Uniworld “Generations” cruise as there were nearly 30 minors under 18, mostly teenagers and tweens: the best age to make the most of this experience. There were also some multi-generational groups, the largest of which was an American family of 17 led by Orlando’s grandparents.


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