A fan turns the controllers of PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch into a flight joystick

Thanks to 3D printing you can pilot the Star Wars: Squadrons ship in a realistic way using your controller.

With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, many users became interested in the hardware existing flight simulation. Joysticks, pedals and other elements make the experience that much more immersive, but it is clear that not everyone can afford to make these investments or there are simply people who they don’t have much space to place them.

A fan, Akaki Kuumeri, you have thought about all these questions and made some designs to print them with a 3D printer that turn our controllers for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch Pro into a small flight simulator, saving distances. The result is simply brilliant and feel like trying it to see how this invention is played.

Source: Akaki Kuumeri (YouTube)

In the video that accompanies the news you can see how the creator uses the peripheral in the DualShock 4, but as we say, there are versions for other controls. You can find everything you need to print this gadget on the official post that the author has opened on Thingiverse. All the pieces are made to fit together easily and to ease much the manufacturing process.

The first version of the invention had joystick plus throttle, but as the video shows, now there is also a version that introduces two joysticks and even four triggers. This is perfect for video games in which we have to shoot with our aircraft. The gadget is attached to the control sticks, the R1 and L1 buttons on the DualShock (and equivalents on the other controllers) and the triggers.

Of course, as the inventor demonstrates in the video, playing Microsoft Flight Simulator or the recent Star Wars: Squadrons with this peripheral improve the experience. Form more economical and staff to adapt the specific hardware to the controllers that we all have at home if we have any of these consoles. Even so, if you are interested in acquiring real peripherals, in 3D Games We recommend the purchase of some of them.

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