Gregory Miller and Lisa Feldcamp of Courtice won a prize of $ 50,000 at the ONTARIO 49 draw on February 6th.

Lisa, 35, used the OLG lottery app to check her ticket. "When I realized it was a winner, I ran outside and told Greg to go in right now," she smiled.

"At first I thought something was wrong," Greg, 37, agreed. "When she told me the good news, we jumped up and down!"

The entrepreneurs are planning to bring their son to Disney World.

Meanwhile, Bowmanville Stewart White won $ 88,888 on Instant Lucky 8S.

The 74-year-old retired electrician checked his ticket in the store when he realized he had won big. "I still do not believe it," laughed Stewart.

The married father of two children and the grandfather of four plans to take a cruise in Florida and visit his family outside the city.

The winning ticket was purchased at Vanhout Variety Store in Bowmanville.