A foldable iPhone in 2022? Apple would already be testing it

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There has been long talk about the famous foldable iPhone. Rumors have happened over the months, since it is not a mystery that Apple is working on it to deal with some of the folding that we can see already marketed in Spain. The latest reports affirm that it would arrive soon.

As early as 2022. As we can read in Economic Daily, Apple would have sent the first prototypes of a supposed folding iPhone to some manufacturing companies. This model would be sold in September 2022.

The outlet claims, citing sources in Apple’s supply chains, that these iPhones would have been shipped a Foxconn, one of the leading manufacturers of today’s iPhone.

The closest foldable iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the best folding of the moment.

Chema Flores



The reason for these shipments is simple: test the panels that this iPhone would mount. Apple would be considering both OLED technology and https://www.elespanol.com/omicrono/tecnologia/20180320/microled-puede-proxima-revolucion-pantallas/293472173_0.htmlmicroLED, and the choice of one technology or another would determine the type assembly of the phone once it goes into production. This would be the first proof that the folding iPhone is already entering in its early stages of manufacturing.

Other rumors suggest that these devices would have been sent for resistance tests; openings and closings, screen damage, and so on. Regarding the format, it is not known if Apple would have opted for a folding or split screen format, as is the case with the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Two separate screens

One of the most recognized leakers in recent months has spoken about this issue, and according to his sources this folding iPhone would have two separate panels. Even with this, the panels would be extended, and an attempt would be made to disguise a separation between them as is the case with the Microsoft Surface Duo. The price of this iPhone is unknown, an especially important question if we are aware of Apple’s pricing policy.

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Be that as it may, we will not leave doubts until, at least, next year. It all depends on the level of leaks suffered by the folding iPhone. Let us remember that the last iPhone, especially the iPhone 12, has suffered a significant number of leaks throughout its development, so that in the year 2022 exactly the same could happen and another technological soap opera of large proportions could be seen.


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