A Granada derby as a presentation

Until seven grenadian outfits They will compete this 2020/21 season in the Andalusian Division of Honor. He Guadix, who voluntarily decided to be paired with clubs from Almeria and Malaga, will be the only one of the half dozen to do so within Group 2-A. The rest will be part of Group 2-B. These are: Arenas de Armilla, Celtic de Pulianas, Atarfe Industrial, Cubillas FC and Vandalia de Peligros.

By proximity

It should be remembered that the Granada clubs – mostly – showed a certain disagreement with the preparation of the subgroups due to proximity. The entities of the province voted, contrary to what was finally decided by the Royal Andalusian Football Federation, for a division based on the format ‘zipper’.

The pairings scheduled for matchday one will begin with a grenadian derby, at 12:00 noon, between Atarfe Industrial and Vandalia de Peligros. Somewhat later, at 4:00 p.m., the Cubillas FC in front of the Martos CD. He Armilla Arenas will do the same, at home against Baeza FC, at 5:00 p.m. and finally, an hour later, the Celtic by Pulianas in the field of Begíjar FC Jaén. He Guadix, framed in Group 2-A, will debut in the Division of Honor at 5:00 p.m. at the Municipal Stadium of the Accitan town in the duel that will face Berja.

New format

He competition format, very similar to the one that will be followed in Third Division and Second Division B, it divides the category into subgroups. The sets of each subgroup will face each other in a regular phase double turn and this will result in a ascent phase among the top three classified in each subgroup.

Andalusian federated football will allow assistance to the stadiums as long as the number is not exceeded maximum viewers allowed, set at 800 fans. The new regulations allow the development of physical-sports leisure and competition practice as long as the guidelines and sanitary measures are followed.


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