A ground floor converted into a modern London flat in Victorian style

Reforming a Victorian-style home in London between party walls poses a challenge to balance between past and present, especially when the project involves expanding the available space and has a tight budget. Taking advantage of the fact that in this case the original house –which despite being well distributed only had one bedroom– was located on the ground floor, and therefore could grow in the back patio, the study Hallett Ike opted to add a simple volume that includes a second bedroom –which is also used as a study– and a dining room with access to the outside. The volume was clad with hand-charred larch wood planks once installed. This finish gives the additional volume a changing patina throughout the year – with hints of silver in the winter months, and warmer in the summer – and over time thanks to its natural aging. For the authors, their reform proposal can become a case study for other London residents in the same situation and on a tight budget.

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