A gym achieves that none of its clients are infected

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  • A Gym American prevents its customers from covid-19 thanks to the redesign of its ventilation already one distance of three meters between users.
  • “While no business wants to have a stage with infected, we are grateful that our science-based facilities worked,” they recall from the North American box.
  • Different medical specialists have expressed their support for gyms as health centers and the importance of remaining open in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.
  • Workers and owners lament over gyms forced to close in Spain due to the second wave of covid-19

    Is it possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in an enclosed space like a gym? How do I achieve the minimum risk for my clients if I am a sports center owner? Will it be impossible to control the disease among clients if a coach catches it? All these questions have been inadvertently answered by a gym in United States, the 460 Fitness, after they verified that their anti-contagion measures had worked although a preparer had come to the place without knowing that he had the coronavirus.

    The success of the care at 460 Fitness is due especially to their attention to detail. When they announced the reopening of sports centers in the state of Virginia In the United States, the owner of the center was concerned with seeking efficient preventive measures. Fortunately, his clients included an expert: Linsey Marr. The 46-year-old doctor is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech and had in-depth experience and knowledge of airborne virus transmission, as well as its relationship to air quality and nanotechnology.

    “I knew that the virus was mainly transmitted through the air. So I thought it was really important to have good ventilation so that not everyone could breathe the same air. I did the calculations on how large the space was, what were the typical wind speeds in the area, and if the doors were open, what would the resulting ventilation be?“explained la doctora Linsey Marr, a CNN.

    Ventilation and distance of three meters to avoid contagion

    When the expert was consulted, the measures were more forward-looking than usual. A distance of three meters was established between athletes and physical contact was prohibited in a facility used by many athletes from CrossFit. No hugs to celebrate the WOD of the day. No group photographs to immortalize reunions. A lot of air and a lot of space between machines and spaces for the various exercises.

    In addition, the air flow was guaranteed with the doors open. In fact, those who so wished were allowed to move the equipment abroad to follow your daily routines. Just in case, when the cold came to Virginia, they tried to close the entrances a little and a carbon dioxide meter was installed. “Carbon dioxide is exhaled and it is a good indicator of the amount of virus that may be accumulating in the air,” explained the expert.

    “We work incredibly hard to keep our clients safe and we believed that ventilation and distance were key to reducing the transmission of covid-19,” they now recall on their Instagram about the gym redesign.

    The acid test came in September. One of the trainers at the gym began to feel unwell, developed symptoms of Covid-19 and tested positive. The owner of the gym, Velvet Minnick, then contacted all its members (about 50) to report the possible outbreak. The closing of the business was close.

    In SpainSome autonomous communities have decreed the closure of sports centers on the grounds that they take place in closed spaces. In fact, there have been some cases of closure due to detecting Covid-19 infections. It is not the only country with similar policies. In Italy and Germany It has been decided to prohibit access to gyms and swimming pools due to the threatening increase in infected people. At the moment, the centers for indoor physical exercise have been among the first to be singled out to avoid the crowds that favor the contagion of coronavirus.

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    After two weeks of control, none of the athletes who came to the Virginia box tested positive or showed symptoms or tested positive for coronavirus. Minnick breathed in relief. Science-based preventive measures had worked.

    Today, you can boast of having overcome a crisis that would have ended your business. On their Instagram they share the explanation with all those interested: “While no business wants to have a stage with infected, we are grateful that our science-based facilities worked. A special memory goes to our client, Dr. Linsey Marr, who helped us create our safe training space! 460 in full is grateful for your guidance and knowledge. “

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