A mother is lucky to be alive after Spanish doctors have diagnosed her with food poisoning – while she had brain bleeding.

Caroline Johnson, 42, was on holiday in Mallorca with her family when she had to go to bed with a headache after feeling what sounded like a "snap" of her head.

She was forced to retreat to her hotel room and was in such anguish that she began to vomit and nothing but watching the sun was a torture.

Caroline, the mother of two, thought she had sunburned, but the hotel's front desk called a doctor when the pain became too hard to bear at 4am.

The nurse said she simply had a shady holiday belly caused by food poisoning – and that Caroline, exhausted, had returned home in agony.

Caroline was with her husband Phillip and her sons Jay and Kye when she became ill

But in the UK – and a week after the onset of symptoms – she collapsed and analyzes revealed that she had in fact suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage on vacation.

A type of stroke, caused by an artery explosion in the brain and bleeding can even kill brain cells.

The puzzled doctors could not believe that she had suffered from a brain hemorrhage for seven days and that she had been operated on.

A year later, the former Sheffield housekeeper is back in the same hotel in Mallorca to "celebrate her existence".

Caroline, who has her sons Jay, 9, and Kye, 6, said, "It was amazing that I survived bleeding for seven days, and the doctors said that should not have been the case.

"I was not doing anything extraordinary. I was just enjoying a wonderful getaway from England with my husband and children.

"I bit inside to go to the beach when I felt a slap in the back of my head – or something – anyway – which is common in the brain.

"The doctor said that the headache was probably due to food poisoning – which is very serious, but not what it really was.

"At every moment, I was misdiagnosed, so all I could rely on to control myself properly was that me and I knew my body.

"I'm happy to have persevered – for me, but also for Jay and Kye."

Mom Caroline says she's lucky to be alive

Caroline felt "struck at the back of her head" around noon on June 7, and went to sleep in her hotel room at Cala Ferrera, did she? she declared.

Hubby Phillip, 46, is busy with their sons while Caroline was resting.

"The sunlight hurt so much that all I could think of doing was calling the front desk," she said.

"I stayed inside to vomit and lie down."

The next day, around 4 am, Caroline woke up "feeling so bad" and asked the concierge to send a doctor.

"I thought I was dying," she said.

Caroline was with her husband Phillip and her sons Jay and Kye when she became ill

When she described her condition, the doctor mistakenly diagnosed cerebral hemorrhage as a serious food poisoning, she said.

Caroline said that she was "surprised that something like this could be a food poisoning", but thought nothing of her "hasty decision" and paid her about £ 240.

The next day, in her return trip to the United Kingdom, Carolina's state deteriorated and declared that the trip from Gatwick to Sheffield was "the longest of my life".

A few days later, she was still sick and developed a dual vision, but she then contacted opticians who refused her.

But she was rushed to the North General Hospital after she collapsed at a friend's house and a CT scan revealed that she was suffering from a meningeal hemorrhage, a stroke caused by a bleeding on the surface of the brain.

A vessel in the right side of his brain was swollen by an aneurysm, usually caused by high blood pressure, physical exertion, or stress.

Caroline and her husband Phillip

She was transferred to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and underwent a two-hour procedure during which tiny platinum coils isolated the aneurysm from the main artery.

Caroline was discharged after 10 days of intensive care but requires an MRI every six months.

She is no longer working and says that her recovery has been "slow and painful" and that she is still struggling to speak.

But she said that she felt "happy and lucky to be alive," so the family will return to Cala Ferrera Mallorca this month to "celebrate its existence".

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