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In the 1920s, the Northern Irish police stood guard at the border.

On May 3, 1921, Ireland was formally divided and Northern Ireland was formally established. This day is the result of conflicts over the past 20 years. It originated from the conflict between the nationalists who supported the unity of Northern Ireland and Ireland and the coalitionists who supported the British rule in Northern Ireland.

This division divided the 32 counties on the island of Ireland into two parts. Six counties made up Northern Ireland, which is still part of the United Kingdom. The remaining 26 counties formed the “Free State of Ireland”, which eventually became the Republic of Ireland today.

Monday (May 3) is the first century anniversary of the partition. Although it has a long history, it still affects the development of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is one of the biggest concerns of the outside world during the Brexit negotiations. point.

Why does Ireland divide and conquer?

The British government has described divide and rule as a compromise for many years. This is because Irish nationalists have been fighting for self-government for many years, that is, demanding that the central government in London decentralize power and establish a parliament in Dublin.

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