a hydrogen motorcycle for 9,000 euros by 2023 that seems too good to be true

Surely you know Segway. The Chinese firm is one of the most powerful brands in the world of personal mobility vehicles and has just made a surprising announcement: they are going to launch a sporty cut bike with alternative suspensions powered by hydrogen.

The Segway Apex H2 It is currently a concept of a self-charged electric motorcycle through a hydrogen fuel cell. A technology that is barely unexplored in the world of two wheels but that in certain areas could become part of the solution for clean mobility of the future.

Segway Apex H2: the new promise of hydrogen

Ninebot Apex H2 2

The Segway they became world famous in 2001. These are self-balancing personal mobility vehicles (PMV) with a platform mounted on two wheels and a handlebar to be mounted standing up and that it is quite common to see the cities in the hands of tourists knowing the city on routes organized.

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Segway was founded by Dean Kamen in Bedford, New Hampshire and sold in 2010 to Jimi Heselden (Hesco Bastion group). All of this may not sound like much to you, but Heselden became infamous when he passed away nine months after the acquisition by falling off a cliff while testing one of the prototypes. After that, in 2015, came Ninebot and bought Segway for a value that was not made public.

With the coverage of the Ninebot umbrella, Segway is now under the control of the tech giant XiaomiThus, the same recipe that the corporation applies to all its business branches has been applied: diversify. Apart from the Segways themselves, the firm also sells electric scooters, electric karts for children, bicycles, work robots, quads, ATVs, buggies and electric scooters.

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Ninebot Apex H2 1
Ninebot Apex H2 1

To this constellation of products, the brand has now added one more: its first sports bike. Named Segway Apex H2, it is not just about an electric motorcycle, but about a hydrogen powered motorcycle as we can see in the manufacturer’s website.

Almost like something out of a sci-fi movie, the Apex H2 promises some interesting numbers: 60 kW (80 hp), 4 seconds for 0-100 km / h and 150 km / h top speed. Range is a mystery at the moment, but judging by the fuel cell technology they intend to apply, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The fuel cell technology stores hydrogen in specific tanks that is injected into cells where hydrogen reacts with oxygen and electrons are produced by electrolysis on the one hand for an energy accumulator that feeds an electric motor and on the other hand water vapor (H₂O) as waste .

Ninebot Apex H2
Ninebot Apex H2

It should be remembered that today, except for a testimonial case such as the short print run of the Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell, no company has dared to develop hydrogen-powered models. Its technology is extremely expensive, the production of hydrogen has a very high economic and energy cost and the infrastructure to refuel hydrogen is almost mythological (in Spain we have seven hydrogenerators, and not all of them are public).

Apart from this complex zero-emission technology, the Segway Apex H2 attracts attention because the brand has decided to present an alternative proposal. The cycle part includes a double single-sided swingarm with radial suspensions, yes, like those striking Yamaha GTS 1000 (heir to the Morpho Concept and Morpho 2 Concept) with an omega chassis that fascinated many of us decades ago.

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Segway apunta a 2023 for the arrival of the Apex H2. We will see if they manage to materialize the project because it looks extremely ambitious, although coming from a giant of the caliber of Segway-Ninebot-Xiaomi there could be chances that we will see this technology applied to motorcycles.

What they have announced in advance is the price: 69,999 yuan, or what the change becomes 9.010 euros. Now the point is that given what they propose, it seems too good, pretty and cheap to be true.

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